Effectively Increasing Your Blog’s Page Views

Including Posts that Tackle the Same Subject As a rule of thumb, make it a priority to turn visitors to your blog in to dedicated readers of your blog, you will then be guaranteed of higher page views. Readers will be drawn to seek more information if you simply highlight related posts at the end of your posts. This strategy is very effective in that your readers are sure to gain more knowledge on the on the topic of their interest and so they stay longer. It is important not to get carried away when adding links under your post or you risk putting off your readers; a few quality links should be sufficient. Most platforms require manual linking except for WordPress whole linking is automated using the plugins.

Reduce the Amount of Ads:

The main focus of having an effective blog revolves around reducing the number of ads and increasing the amount of premium content. When your blog contains a lot of blogs, you will see that your page views will drastically decline. However, do not think that putting ads on your blog is the wrong thing to do. Obviously, you have to generate revenue. However, make sure that these ads are not irritating to your readers and do not make them feel harassed. Also, if you realize that you are getting a lot of hits on your ads, then begin replacing your in text ads because a lot of readers do not like these kinds of ads. Carrying in text ads has been known to reduce the number of page views that you can get. Your main intention should be to create a blog that is more user friendly. This is so that your readers will want to hang around your blog for longer periods of time. Do everything possible to improve the navigation of your blog so that your page views will go up eventually.

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Write a Series of Posts: Creating a series of quality posts on your blog is an effective way to get your readers to come back for more over a period of time, which obviously will impact your blog’s page views. The number of posts that you have in your series depends on the content that you’re offering and how much you’re willing to share. Done correctly, a series of posts can make a difference but they’re not for everyone. You need to remember to provide your readers with real value if you want them to get the most out of your series. So if you have a long post that you want to break down, you can create a series out of it. Just work slow and steady to keep doing things for more page views, and you will see the difference eventually.



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