3 Hidden Benefits of Blogs for Writers

Want to blog? Many writers are hesitant about blogging, until they start. Then they realize that a blog can super-charge their career.

Why are blogs great for writers? Simply because your writing career depends on both your writing proficiency and speed. Yes, speed – if you can write fast, you’ll win many more writing jobs than writers who are slow.

A blog, because it’s a commitment, will turn the slowest turtle of a writer into a speed king… or queen.

Let’s look at three hidden benefits of blogs for writers.

1. A Blog Forces You to Improve Your Writing Proficiency – Your Speed and Skill

Editors, business people and other buyers of your writing want a fast, reliable writer. Yes, you must be able to write well, but you must write quickly on demand: others depend on you.

If you speak to established writers, they’ll often tell you that they got their big break when an editor needed to fill a hole in a publication (or even a publisher’s book list) because another writer dropped the ball.

When you become a writer who’s both fast and reliable, you’ll never run out of writing jobs – your buyers will approach you, and will stay with you for years.

So how do you get fast and reliable without a long list of clients? You blog. Your blog forces you to commit, and to write.

2. A Blog Helps You to Become Less Self-Conscious and Smoothes Your Style

New writers “write.” Experienced writers communicate. It’s only by writing for publication often (every day), that you lose your self-consciousness. You just get on with it, and say what you’ve got to say.

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Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to eliminate your self-consciousness; you just have to write enough so that you no longer care how you’re perceived, you just want to get your message across. A blog is a big help with this.

3. a Blog Builds Your Confidence – a Confident Writer Is a Selling Writer

Once you’ve conquered self-consciousness, you need to build your confidence. Only sales will help you to get confident.

A blog will help you to make those sales. The mere fact that you have a blog, and update it regularly, shows buyers that you can write, and that you are probably reliable. To buyers who are new to your writing, you’re no longer a pig in a poke writer; you’re a known quantity.

If you don’t have a blog, start one today. If you do have a blog – update it. You’ll be amazed at the effect on your writing career.



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