Your First Blog Post – What to Write

By | September 28, 2017

You’re ready to make your very first blog post but not quite sure what to say? Maybe you figure since blogging seems to be so casual you can post whatever your heart desires and not be overly concerned. If nothing more it will at least get the ball rolling for you.

Well actually you could post whatever you want. On the other hand you may be serious about doing something constructive with it like building a list of loyal subscriber’s who share a common interest.

The point here is if you have a definite direction or purpose for your new blog you should treat your first post much like an introduction to a new friend.

Here are 4 key elements you will want to include in your first blog post.

1) Introduce Yourself

Here’s your opportunity to give your readers a little insight into who you are. Share with them your interest, business experience, other personal experiences that may be of interest to them and relevant to the theme of your site. Inform your readers of any family or pets you may have and of what importance they may have to you and why. Share pictures if you’ve got them. After all one picture is worth a thousand words. Your readers will appreciate this.

You want your readers to become familiar with you while also gaining their trust.

2) What is Your Reason for Blogging

Now you’ll want your readers to know and understand your purpose or motivation for blogging. Make your intentions clear as to what nagging questions, dilemmas, or passions you plan to address. You want them to feel the anger, frustrations, passions, or enthusiasm you feel and the commitment you have to your blogging efforts.

3) What you Will be Blogging About

Your readers will want to know what to expect when they visit your site. What direction you’ll be taking on the stated theme and how you intend to address the issues of this subject matter. Will this just be an online ranting station or do you intend to take a more constructive, tactical and problem solving approach in addressing the topic at hand.

4) Encourage Comments

You immediately want to foster an atmosphere of community and involvement for your readers. Commenting and reader participation is a major factor in the growth and popularity of blogging. Build upon this by encouraging comments, disagreements, or criticisms from visitors and making it easy for them to do so. Make available your contact information (any of which is comfortable to you) but make it clear you are accessible to them.

Be sure to clearly state your comment policy so as to keep this area under control and constructive for both the blog owner and its readers.

Realizing that your first blog post is an introduction to your readers and including these 4 key elements in your initial post will give you a solid start for your new blog.

Weblog Writing Suggestions

By | September 27, 2017

Should you be looking for website writing tips, then look no further. The next five tips will help you help your weblog from dull to brilliant!

1. Compose As you Talk: It’s not advice that you will hear in Journalism 101, however when you are looking for writing a blog it is an entirely different story. If you write as you talk you can engage visitors speedily because they will feel connected with you. It can also help for editing purposes. While you’re reading over your website post, take action aloud and you may hear whether it flows naturally.

2. Edit, Edit, Edit: This goes well using the above point – read over your site post a minimum of 3 x prior to deciding to publish. Yes, spellchecking software program is great, nevertheless it won’t catch all the errors. It will miss syntax mistakes, punctuation and words which can be spelled correctly but used incorrect. If you’d prefer your potential customers you’ll want to make sure you existing your better possible work.

3. Avoid Overkill: Typically, I don’t feel people are into 9000 word websites. Many people will scan your blog post without really reading it, in case your post is brief as well as simple it is more probably to get their consideration.

4. Avoid being A Wimp: Try not to be a wimp – operate for the purpose you believe in. Take a debatable stand or two, yes some individuals can get angry, but they may also send the link around inside their anger. Acquiring people talking and participating you (even negatively) can help your blogs exposure. Permanently particular person you frustration, there’ll be someone who will follow you. Stick to your needs guns in feedback too. I take advantage of to dread negative remarks, but now I view it in an effort to interact with my visitors.

5. Your hard work Isn’t Over Once you Hit Publish: You are able to write as much as you want however, if people don’t read it, who cares? Advertise your posts each time you make one. An average joe carries an approximately 200 friends on Facebook so share it on there. Share it on Twitter if you are using it. Email it in your friends if you do not use social media marketing. You can also send out to bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit. None of the strategies cost you anything!

Blog posting is a popular activity web hosting and business factors. In order to keep a weblog, remember to keep the web site clear of muddle. Also, give related details and not simply advertising information. Last, and not very least, keep publishing frequently, to help you keep your traffic and your readers.

In other cases, the alteration could be as drastic as can be. Perhaps a blogger just enjoys a specific band or bit of music, and writes a totally personal post sharing the songs and the way they found love it. Readers obtain a personal link, as well as the blogger allow his mind focus on the big problems again.

Now that you’ve these 5 tips to assist you have to be capable of consistently produce high quality content. Make sure to use each tip every time you’re writing a post and you will probably unquestionably observe your own remarks, traffic and opt-ins climb continuously!

Reason Why You Should Get Your Own Hosting For Your Blog

By | September 26, 2017

There are many reasons for choosing a self hosted system to launch your site. To make your business presence on the web, a website is must also it needs more attention. A lot of us don’t know the advantage of choosing a self hosting account. Now go through carefully to know the utilizes of self hosting technique.

Your own Domain – If you choose to use a self hosted plan to launch your website, you can have your individual domain name. You can make your excellent presence on the web by having your own domain. Sometimes it is must for a business to grow better. An individual don’t have to worry about the contents you’ve on your website. If you are selecting a free web hosting service, they will not be beneficial at all. They may request you to place their own ads on your own website. Main problem is that you can loss professional look of the website. Just because of of poor quality look, you will loss your web visitors. If you own your own area, you can have the full access.

Functionality – Self hosted system allows you to use any kind of software program to set up your website. These software packages may be using to design your blog post or website, to connect with people through social networking etc. Totally free hosting never provides this option and we are limited. You can aquire good plugins from third parties to enrich your website. This will make your online business more functional.

Professional * If you need to make your small business seriously, the only way is that be serious in all steps. In order to make your web site beneficial for your company, it should be supplying some good values. Free we all hosting websites are using an individual as a tool for advertising their products or services. Individuals will not impress about the providers you offer; just because you are utilizing free services. You cannot make believe in. Only self hosting can provide the exact output for your business and more than you hope for. It will give your website a professional and also user friendly look.

Don’t be tensioned in regards to the investment to start your self managed website. You can make it through ad revenue from your site. You will have the full control of your site or website in every aspect. You can go through every place of your script and can colorize it for you for your likes and dislikes. Finding an excellent web hosting company is a simple activity and it is affordable. But you need to be careful a little while investing. It is possible to ask your friends’ suggestions to look for a company for web hosting. If you are launching a self located website, you can add things of your choosing and you are the master of your site.

In a nutshell, self hosted blogs are the one step destination to find an excellent output from your business. Today, social networking is an useful tool and more popular. You may also launch social network services to get maximum cash to your pocket.

Want to start blogging, which WordPress version is right for you?

By | September 25, 2017

There are many benefits in using WordPress as your blogging tool and the first benefit is there are three versions of WordPress you can choose from. Actually four if you included the Enterprise version but that version is not free. For the majority of us bloggers, the first three versions should be fine to use.

The first of the three versions of WordPress is the hosted version, meaning your blog is located on a subdomain at the WordPress website. Having a hosted WordPress blog is very easy to set up. Once you have signed up for an account at the WordPress website, your blog can be up and running with several useful wordpress features within minutes. You can choose your username, which will become the subdomain name part of blog address as long as someone else has not taken that username. This version is great for people who are starting out in the blogging word and may want things to be simple while they learn to blog. It’s also good if they’re not computer savvy and the idea of registering a domain name, fiddling with databases and uploading files is too much for them to handle.

The second version of WordPress is the self-installed version, meaning you download WordPress from their website and install it on your own web server under your own domain name. This option is suitable to people who are computer savvy or willing to learn the setup process before they can even write their first blog or article. The great thing about this version is it gives you more flexibility and advantages over the hosted version. For example, you can display Google ads on your blog and get paid by Google if someone click on the ad links whereas on the hosted version, you are not allow to do this. Being more flexible means you can also modify the code to suit your needs. Of course you can still keep your blog as simple as you want to after you have installed it and avoid messing around with the code.

The third version of WordPress was formally called WordPress Multi-User or WordPress MU for short (pronounced em-you). As its name suggests, WordPress MU is not designed for an individual blogger but is ideal for organisations or groups that want to host a network of blogs on one server under one domain. Released around ore before 2008, WordPress MU allows you to install one time but setup tens, hundreds and even thousands of blogs on your own domain. With the release of WordPress 3.0, WordPress MU was merged and is no longer a separate project. It is now continuing development as part of the main WordPress branch under the name ‘multi-site’ or MS.

With three different versions of WordPress for you to choose from, there’s something for everyone when it come to the world of blogging. As the saying goes “Variety is the spice of life”. Happy Blogging.

Blogging: 5 Critical Questions Before You Start

By | September 24, 2017

Some planning and familiarity with blogging is essential before jumping in. Here are five questions you must ask yourself before you start.

1) What are your blog goals?

In order to be successful you must have goals. If you don’t have any goals, how can you know if you’re succeeding, if your blog is working?

I suggest going beyond just listing goals and choosing your primary goal. Your primary goal will probably shift over time, and that is alright.

So, why are you going to do this?

2) What is your blog’s focus?

What are you going to write about? You can’t blog effectively on several unrelated topics in the same blog and expect to have many readers. It’s unlikely that many potential readers will share your mix of passions — a blog must focus on only one topic for maximum success.

Conversely, instead of blogging on one wide topic, for example “marketing” or “fishing,” you might chose a niche within that topic, for example “marketing small businesses in rural areas” or “fly fishing for trout in Montana.” With a tighter niche, it’s more likely you’ll have passionate readers who devour your every post.

3) Who is your intended audience?

Who you are blogging for? Who do you expect and want to read your blog? What kind of content will they like? You need to know who you are writing for in order to do it most effectively.

Don’t be surprised if you find an entirely unexpected secondary audience drawn to your blog as well, but determine your intended primary audience and start writing for them.

4) What are your strengths and how can you leverage them in your blogging?

For example, do you closely follow cutting edge current events in your topic? Are you really up-to-date on everything that happens, as soon as it happens and really into that? Or is some sort of in depth analysis of timeless issues more your forte?

Well obviously that’s going to affect what you are going to be writing about, your style. Are you going to be writing about breaking news or how to do things well that don’t change all that often?

5) How familiar with the blogosphere are you?

I suggest before anyone starts blogging, they read a lot of blogs for at least two weeks. This is the bare minimum. Take notes, see what you like and what you don’t like about different people’s blogs and blogging styles.

See what you think might work well for you and then be prepared to experiment.

An easy way to find other blogs you may be interested in is to use one of the blog search engines, for example,, and you can search for ones in your topic area or areas you are interested in.

If you’re considering starting blogging, by all means jump in and start. Do not just dive in headfirst however, do some planning and research first. Answer these five questions first, and your blog will be more successful and achieve that success faster.

Blogging As a Career – What You Need to Know

By | September 23, 2017

For a writer, blogging may be one of the best new career choices out there. In a nutshell, blogging is a series of posts on a variety of subjects that may be informative, personal or whatever topic the blogger chooses to write about. The best, most successful blogs appeal to lots of people. Serious bloggers update their blogs regularly and write content that readers find useful in some way. Here are a few tips on obtaining a career in blogging and how to make it a success.

Blogging Career Options

Even though the chances of starting a career in blogging have grown, many writers who would do well as a blogger do not know how to find opportunities online. Many companies with blogging openings will often post the job online like any other job opening. Some blogging jobs may be as ghost writers or even with a writer’s byline. Start a blogging career search just as any other job search.

A good place to start looking is on career websites that are dedicated to blogging careers. These sites will connect writers with job openings. Message boards on the same topic can be useful in locating blogging jobs. Networking with other bloggers on such boards is a good way to find out about openings or locate resources.

A Blogging Career is a Good Choice

Blogging for a living may be a very good choice for writers. The work environment can’t be beat since most jobs require the blogger to work from home. All a writer needs to do this work is a blogging platform and they can work from virtually any location. Not all blogging positions are work from home jobs though; some companies want their bloggers to write from a company location.

One of the most desirable benefits of a blogging career is working at the blogger’s own pace. Many companies will require posts to be made on a specific schedule, but most posts can be written as the blogger chooses. Most blogging software will allow the posts to be scheduled and posted at a future date and time. Bloggers can write numerous posts in one day and have them post at a later date; opening up the blogger’s schedule.

Maintaining several blogs

Depending on the blogger’s schedule and the number of blogs he maintains, scheduling the needed amount of time to write and post can be an issue. One of the most obvious ways to tackle this problem is to write several posts and schedule ahead as mentioned previously in this article. Bloggers who write about current events have a harder time doing this however. Most bloggers will make time daily to catch up on the day’s events and decide on what to blog about. Keeping the blog relevant is a very important part of the blogger’s job.

Finding a career as a blogger is just as complicated or simple as finding any other kind of job. Start the job search online in appropriate venues and network with others in the same field. Know what is involved and work toward finding the career desired.