Blog Ads: Fitting or Annoying?

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. Actually, if you are reading this you probably either have a blog or are starting a blog. You already know how to start a blog. Then the question becomes, to advertise or not to advertise? You don’t want to annoy your readers, but you also don’t want to lose the chance of making some cash. But will you really make that much cash, anyway? Read on to learn the answer.
You’ve selected your blog builder, you’ve got a firm vision for your blog, and you’ve started blogging, let’s say. It may be a politic al blog, a busines s blog, or a blog about a rare fish breed off the coast of Costa Rica, that eats people. Who know’s. You are wondering if you can make some money off your blog. You know other people do it. Ads have become the custom for many top bloggers. One expects to encounter a number of ads while perusing the Internet. So why worry if they will annoy your readers?

Experts say…

Experts advise that you weigh the pros and cons of ad placement. A lot depends on your readership, or your expected readership. Is your blog intended for family only, to keep in touch with one another? Or are you writing a political blog in the hopes it will catch on, growing thousands of readers a month? Decide on your vision. Be practical. Do you have the time and the inclination to write a blog three or four times a week? Successful bloggers with large readerships are blogging at least that, sometimes more. Do you enjoy blogging? If you enjoy it you are more likely to stick with it, and grow your readership as a result.

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For small readerships:
If you plan on a small readership (say, less than 30 views per day), advertisements won’t be worth it. It would just be an added risk to annoying your readers, without much financial benefit to you. So don’t bother.

For large readerships:
If, however, you plan on a large readership, with growing numbers, ads will likely be beneficial to you. So should you start your blog with ads? Or should you wait until your readership has grown before inserting them?

Pros and cons, that’s what it comes down to. If you establish your blog in the beginning with advertisements, there are several pros: You earn income right away. Even with a small readership you are making some pennies. Also, if you design your blog to include space for ads, you won’t have to redesign your blog at a later date; You save hours of re-design work. By beginning your blog with ads, you can experiment with the placement to find the most profitable positioning. If you choose to experiment with ad placement after your readership base is large, they may complain about the changing format.

The consequence of starting a blog with ads is that some readers might be annoyed, and not come back to your blog. There is a significant group of readers who, when faced with a new blog with several advertisements, will run. Be careful that the choice of ads and their placement on your site is nice looking. If you don’t overdo it, and your blog design remains pleasing to the eye, you can have a pleasant blog and make a tidy bundle of cash, too.

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