Utilizing Social Marketing In An Effort To Get More Blog Traffic

Blog traffic is the single thing that every blogger will say is their number one trouble. You can find loads of programs online that claim to be able to get you more blog traffic but many of them provide nothing. You will find authentic ways to get visitors to your blog without having to use any of those useless traffic programs and we are going to explain one of those strategies in this article.

Most of these social bookmarking sites will be able to get you a lot of traffic just from the social sites you submit your posts to. Backlinks are another thing you’re going to get once you start to bookmark your blog posts. As many of you know the more backlinks you have the more site visitors you’ll get from the search engines. And the more backlinks you get the higher your website will normally rank in the search engines.

The right way to do this is to subscribe to as many high page rank social bookmarking Internet sites as you can. Some of these Internet sites are Stumble Upon, delicious, digg and Multiply just to name a couple. Of course there are a huge selection of social bookmarking Internet sites that are available online. Actually, your very best bet should be to subscribe to about 50 of these websites. You will find lists of these Internet sites by just doing a search in the search engines. Once you’ve got your list you have got to set aside Three or four hours to go through and join all these websites.

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Now every day when you add a new post to your blog you’ll want to take the hyperlink to that post and add it to each and every social bookmarking site. In the beginning you will probably find that this can take about 2 hours each day but in time you will be able to cut that down to about an hour or so. This approach when done everyday can present you with an instant surge in your website visitors.

You really don’t have to subscribe to all these websites yourself as you can hire individuals to sign you up to about 40 social Internet sites and they normally will only charge you $5. Of course this will still leave you with being forced to login everyday and post to the sites. For those who would like an easier way to get these links published on social bookmarking sites there are two programs that could help. The very first is only wire plus the next program is ping. fm. Both of these programs will automatically post your links to the social bookmarking Internet sites using your login details for each site.

If you really need to take your blog to the next level and begin getting more traffic this is one of the best ways to go about it. The search engines will begin to like your blog when you start constructing 40 to 50 backlinks on a daily basis on the social bookmarking sites.



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