Start a Blog and Create a Brave New World

A blog is a place for egotistical lunatics says the stereotype. Well times have moved on and now with the sheer number of blogs available, the reader holds the trump card so its time to give them the benefits that they crave.

Your friends may have not realized this change, thus when you declare you want to start a blog, some of your friends will believe that you are embarking on a massive ego trip.

Nothing could be further from the truth, a modern thinking blog does add the authors personality to the writing, but it should always be about the benefit to the reader and not the author.

One of the biggest concerns about spending time blogging is how do you monetize the blog. Well if this is your main concern then I am sorry but you still have not realized the true benefit of regular writing which of course a blog is.

When I had submitted my first ever blog post I went for a walk into town and I quickly realized that something had changed. I was now a writer, I needed regular inspiration and I was now seeing the potential for a story in everything that I experienced.

If you are running a business this is a fantastic mindset to have as you no longer dismiss the crazy or silly outright, your brain will now look at these in an opportunistic way. The energy that this kind of mindset brings to your business is worth far more than any click income you may receive from ads on your blog.

All because you wrote a few words with your keyboard.

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It gets even better once people have started to respond to your posts. You may like I did, doubt the value that you have to bring to the world, but when you see your first real comment then you have proof that someone has appreciated your efforts and taken the time to respond.

This of course spurs you onto adding more content that provides value to your readers, and now you have become a writer who is developing a sense of what their niche likes and wants.

This is the biggest hurdle in marketing, sensing what the market desires and a blog is a great way to get your niche to open up and tell you what to market to them. Which is even easier with a blog as it has already helped to develop your generous reputation.

Now the final reason that you should start blogging is a little strange but very powerful nevertheless and this could save you many hundreds of pounds.

There is a term called Google wealth, which is the number of returns that you see when you type your name into Google. Without blogging it can be a hard slog to increase this. You could hire a marketing expert to manipulate the market in your favor but this does not come cheap or last long. A far better and long term solution is realizing why Google loves blogs.

Blogs provide regular and unique content that prevents the Google index from becoming stale.

For you to increase your Google wealth you should be consistent with the name you use on line, your name is the obvious choice for this. Use this as the title or domain of your first blog and you will increase your wealth instantly. Congratulations you are now the brand, which means there is no need for a snazzy logo or catchphrase, at the start at least!

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Of course there is a downside to this, you will need to show restraint in the forums of social sites from now on, Google will get to hear about pretty much everything you do on line and perhaps even offline!



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