Putting A Social Bookmarking Button To Your Blog To Be Able To Boost Traffic

Many men and women who start blogs do it in order to try to make a little extra money, but without targeted traffic you won’t be making any money. You might be one of those people who keep attempting new things to get additional traffic to your blog. When it comes to obtaining more traffic to your blog you really must get back to the basics. This is why I decided to go over how essential it is to just add a “share this” button on every one of your blog posts. And exactly how this little addition can certainly end up driving sizeable amounts of traffic.

A “share this” button is a particularly simple way for 1 website visitor to share your blog post with 100s or even thousands of other people. Many of you have even most likely seen these buttons on various other peoples blogs. This is an easy method for the visitors of that blog to tell their friends about a post that may interest them.

While you can find buttons that will allow you to post to twitter or even facebook you will want to find a button that has multiple sites listed. If you genuinely want to see how potent this little button can be don’t limit the web sites that your visitors can post to. To be able to get the most out of buttons like this find one that permits people to add the post to many different sites. Or you could simply add a different button for all the various sites that you want the public to be able to post to. You have to remember that not everyone has got a twitter account, so if you just add a twitter button you are limiting the possibilities for people to tell other people about the page.

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If your blog is on a wp platform, you have multiple options of plugins that you can make use of. Some of the plugins will probably only include a few social networking sites, while others may have the possibility to include 30 or more sites. The important thing here is to find a “share this” plugin that includes as many sites as possible.

Here I am going to show you an example of exactly what could happen when you have this button set up. In this illustration we are going to say that a single visitor shared your post with their friends on one of the social networking websites. All they had to do was use the button you downloaded and now 50 more people are aware of your post. Now lets say that 50 men or women saw the post but just 7 made a decision to stop by your site and read the post for themselves. And if just 3 of them share your post on various other social sites by using your “share this” button, you now have other people spotlighting your post. And by those 3 individuals sharing, this post might now be suggested to yet another 150 people. And out of these 150 people, lets say that 20 of these individuals visit your blog and 8 of them promote the post with their colleagues on their social networking sites. I am sure you are able to see how one post with a good “share this” button can turn in to loads of traffic.



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