Is Corporate Blogging Right For You?

A corporate blog is an effective way to grow a business. In fact, several companies around the globe are now acknowledging the power of this mass communication tool.

A corporate blog can help you reach your corporate goals in a fun way. Readers find it easier to go through blogs to find out more about the company and its services and products, rather than, other communication media.

If you are planning to start a blog for your company, you should first decide whether your company needs a blog or not. This is because the open communication nature of blogs is not suitable for all organizations. If you feel that a blog will go well with your company’s image, your next step is to select a good writer for the blog. You can choose someone with good communication skills from your own company or outsource to blog writing services.

Create a blog with a specific aim and check the contribution of the blog to that aim from time to time. If you are investing time and money in a blog, it must serve some purpose for your company. Before you start the blog, try to get to know your customers better, and address their issues in your blog.

Keep your corporate blog lively and interactive. Your responses to the comments of your customers or business partners should be professional. A corporate blog will give you a good opportunity to learn more about customers’ grievances. You should take their criticisms sportingly, thank the customer for bringing them to your notice and try to improve upon them.

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Update your blog regularly by adding fresh material to it. Make your corporate blog interesting, by adding more than just marketing and advertising material about your company. Your blog should offer something more to the customers. A blog is a very good way to connect with your customers so try to keep it a little informal but authentic. Also, add as many links in your blog as possible. Linking has made blogging the big success that it is. A corporate blog can serve an important role during a crisis in the company. It is especially effective in overcoming bad PR due to an error or accident.

You should be careful about the company information you put out there in the open for public. Thus, you must draw up some policies regarding this.

You should not rely only on blogging as your corporate communication tool. While no one can deny the power of blogging, it is not sufficient as the sole means of marketing and communication.


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