How To Design The Blog?

Design is plays a key role for any blog. It can increase or decrease the value of the blog. “Look” is first thing which helps in dragging visitors to your site .Let us take an example suppose if I buy very costly shoes and wear it or if you have good body then it doesn’t matter, if you meet a new person then first he look at our face then he will look our bottom. He doesn’t loot at our feet at first glance. First impression is the best impression. That impression can be possible with good design. So the design is essential for bringing best look for the blog.

When it comes to blog design you will be confused what you have to do to get the perfect design? But there will no confusion if you are perfect in html and web designing then you can design the blog your self. If you are not perfect then you can hire some one to do it. The blog can be designed based on your budget. It is as follows:

1) Do you have enough money to design your new blog ?

2) Install a free theme or install a free theme by making some customizations to it.

If you want unique blog design and you are ready to spend money then you can go for option one. But if you don’t have enough money then you can go for option two.

There are many web design services online you can order your design based upon your requirements. You can order your blog to be designed there. The following things should be kept in mind before you start designing.But before designing your blog just make sure how you want it to be?The below things might give you some sought of idea.

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-> If the pages are visually appealing and if they provide convenient navigation, they are likely to be visited by more users. A poor layout will discourage people from spending too much time on the blog.

-> Ask you’r self who the intended audience is. Are you writing for children, business executives, retired persons or a general audience? Knowing who you are targeting will greatly influence your design.

-> How many graphics do you intend to include do you want to impress your audience? Remember, graphics take long time to load. Google will take time to crawl the graphics loaded blog.

-> Do you want the blog with two sidebars with two one left and right side with content in center? Or do you want one sidebar with content section on one side of the blog? Just decide for yourself. Most of the bloggers today are opting for one sidebar with content section in one of the side.

For the people who want their unique and new design:-


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