How to Create a Church Blog

Using a professional blog builder can help you easily create a church blog. Here are some simple steps to start creating a church blog that is ways for everyone to take apart in, be informed or just spiritually inspired!

1. Get Hosting At a Professional Blog Builder
A blog builder will give you all the tools necessary to make an attractive, easy to read and create professional blog. It will provide templates to choose from so you don’t have to worry about being a graphic designer. The blog builder will provide you with an email so you are able to be contacted to post events or updates on the blog. There are so many other fun options that a blog builder allows, it is up to you to decide how big or how detailed your church blog will go!

2. Post Weekly Events
Is someone getting married? What about baptisms or a new member or birth announcement? With a community church blog people feel good seeing they were recognized as well as informed. If there is a potluck bible study meeting, you can send a shout out for what is needed. Create a calendar for people to look ahead for future events.

3. Start a Conversation
Often times members of a church feel shy about voicing opinions. When you start a conversation on a church blog, you can open up a forum for people to share their thoughts, offer hope or suggestions, advice and even bible verses. Here are a couple discussion ideas to break the ice to even the shyest members:

What’s Your Favorite Bible Verse? What Should Our Next Fundraiser Be? Do You Have a Prayer Request? I Need A New Coffee Cake Recipe

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4. Recognize Someone Special Each Week At Church
Post photos or videos of someone who makes a big difference at your church from the volunteers who plant flowers to traffic controllers, day care or new members. Post the youth group’s tip to bible camp or the men’s retreat.

5. Help Your Church Make Money With A Church Online Bookstore Through Your Blog
With a little bit of help from your professional blog builder, you can create an online store with the proceeds going to the church! Have pictures, collect online payment and provide both a needed service as well as a fundraiser for your church.
With the help from a professional blog builder, your church blog will look well made, it will be secure and yet easily accessible to church members. Make a difference in your church community and create an online community!

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