How to Blog Tutorial: Putting Your Initial Blog Online in 30 Minutes

You’ll find about a million choices you are faced with when starting your very initial weblog, and it might be totally daunting.

You actually do not need to be up against having set-up your weblog WRONG and suddenly have the real technical nightmare of trying to correct it, move it, or alter it!

So let’s get a few issues straight to begin with!

How to Blog Tutorial: So why are you gonna be Blogging?
-If you’re blogging simply because you need to make funds on-line in any niche (and this does not have to mean selling goods, you can basically earn revenue by getting ads to the side of your web page that folks may well check out) then you are gonna need two things:
-A Ton of visitors! (and you are going to get significantly better site visitors and position much better on the search engines if you’re hosting your personal blog.don’t be concerned, I’ll show you the way to do that quickly and simply!)
-TOTAL management of your website from Day One! You will need to have the ability to brand your internet site, be in charge of the look and feel and layout, and Alter as you grow and learn so you possibly can add income streams.

How to Blog Tutorial: How you can Simply Put In Place a Blog That can Allow You To Grow:
If you’re commited to constructing your weblog you’ll need to have The most well-liked type of weblog as it is going to allow you the most changes and add-ins as you go: WordPress (once more, not the no cost weblog, but a self-hosted one!)

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How to Blog Tutorial: WordPress in three Steps
1. Choose a domain address
– Pick something that’s relevant to your niche.
-Research on a domain web site to find out if it is obtainable.
-You Need to pick a “.com” extension, the other types don’t rank well in the search engines, and this is centered on traffic.

2. Acquire Hosting
– You will need a place to keep all of your weblog info available for you and offer it to the visitors! Every thing online is saved on “servers”, so you need someplace to host your website! Here is merely one truly inexpensive choice I suggest (and YES, you have to spend a tiny quantity of income to possess a money-making-blog!! If you do not wish to, then revisit the running a blog for pals and family notion!) – This is the internet hosting business I personally use, it’s extremely cheap and permits me to get endless web sites on one hosting package deal! They are doing some awesome things like backing up your internet sites instantly, and so on. They provide you with a totally free domain name once you enroll, so merely enter in the 1 you picked out in the last step.

3. Install WordPress on your own Domain!
-In Bluehost, login to your account and navigate to the “cpanel”, scroll down to software/services, and then click the WordPress icon. It will walk you thru the installation.

Congrats, you now have a WordPress Blog! Now why don’t we make several modifications NOW, to ensure that it is possible to change the overall look and feel of your website simply, and improve it when you grow.

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How to Blog Tutorial: Choose a Template
-I use Flexibility 3. It is a free design template that makes it possible for me to completely change the look and page layout of the web site if I have to. It has the benefit of headers and footers in which you are able to later include advertisements, promotions, or free of charge gifts for the website visitors (or you’ll be able to flip these off!)
-Download the theme at Flexibilitytheme .com, it is going to save as a “zip” folder (dont open it up!). Move to your Dashboard, In the left pick “appearance”, next “themes”, here you can find two tabs, you need to simply click, “install theme” and click on “upload”, you simply hit the browse switch and find the zip folder you saved and hit upload! Now you’ll be able to choose it as being your theme.
-Activate Flexibility3 within the “Manage Themes” tab, and you are good to go!
-In the Appearance Area you’ll now find “Flexibility3 Theme Options” go thru and make all of the changes you want to your web site!

How to Blog Tutorial: Begin Blogging!
-Don’t get over-involved in generating your website optimal! You’ll need to begin actually posting in your weblog as this is what is going to allow you to grow!
-Be consistent! If you would like to come up in search engines you need to get adding to your weblog at the very least three times per week in the start, and I suggest once daily! Once it is established you’ll be able to up-date once per week.
-Start constructing back-links to your weblog and driving site visitors!



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