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Blogs has been the most common medium in conveying your thoughts and views on certain issue, be it a hobby thought or a product review. Almost every internet user owns a blog where they share about their life and products. With this trend goes more popular, blogging companies are now playing an important role in providing good blogging software. Blogging companies now give the freedom to users either to host with them or self hosted. You will get free hosting if you choose to host with the company but unfortunately you get lesser freedom in your hosting and blog control. If you choose to self hosted your blog, you of cause need to pay for your hosting but you get tons of flexibility. You will have a better control on everything on your blog.

Free Hosting VS Paid Hosting

No matter you are using WordPress or other blogging software, you will need to decide whether you are going to host with them or host with yourself. Of cause in the mean time of deciding you have few things that you need to consider about. If you are taking blogging seriously, I will suggest you to get yourself a web hosting in order to build a better blog with greater flexibility. A self hosted blog not only gives flexibility but also gives better impressions to users with own domain. You will have email of your own domain too and this will definitely look more professional.

Blogging Software

Even after you have decided to go with self hosted blog, you will need to consider about what blogging software you are using. This will directly affect which web hosting company you should go with. Out of so many blog companies, the only one that stands up from the crowd is WordPress. WordPress is well structured and supported by a large community on its plug-ins and functions and they have been doing a good job in upgrading the software from time to time. Thus it is reliable to use WordPress. Other choices you might have is B2evolution, another blogging software that is excellent too.

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Choosing Blog Hosting

After deciding the blogging software you go with, it is time to choose the ideal web hosting for your blog. Choosing a quality web hosting will be another discussion so to cut it short below are a few criterion you should look at in getting the blog hosting:-

Software Compatibility

Remember to check whether the web hosting has your desired blogging software prepared. This is because with the software ready you can easily install it for example WordPress in one or 2 clicks. After that you can start posting already. Usually web hosting with Fantastico enabled has the installation for WordPress and B2evolutions. Check the full hosting features and it will not be difficult to justify this.

Hosting Performance

Of cause you should get a web hosting with good performance. A good performance web hosting should have a stable and up to 99.9% uptime. They also should have a good customer support to back you up in any issue be it a technical or non technical.

There are many more criterions to choose a good web hosting but to get yourself a blog, these 2 criterions are enough to determine a suitable web hosting. You would wonder how to check the uptime and quality of customer support of a web hosting. No worry as there are many web hosting review website that are available around the internet. They have been doing the review job for time and what you need to do is to check out their hosting review.

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