Fueling Massive Marketing Waves With Your MLM Blog

For a network marketer who is set on building their organization online, an MLM blog is the centerpiece of any strategy they deploy. Apart from almost every online tool, a blog allows the marketer to form their identity within the marketplace while positioning themselves to be a leader inside the industry. Simply having an MLM blog will not insure success online anymore than owning a rental house makes you a real estate mogul. In the end it is the way in which you utilize the blog that determines whether or not you are likely to produce a tidal wave of marketing energy.

Creating a marketing tsunami begins within the very construction of your blog. The goal of your blog is to create momentum that moves outwards with tremendous force. This goes deeper than simply creating content that is good, but directly into infrastructure of your blog. Whenever the infrastructure of your blog is created for optimal performance, your content will go out with much greater momentum than would otherwise be possible. Using appropriate systems, all the marketing and promoting impact of your MLM blog should be far reaching.

Choosing the best blogging platform is the place to begin for creating massive marketing momentum. Lacking the right foundation for your blog, your time and effort could fall far short of their potential. For marketing purposes, the best platform is a WordPress blog that is self hosted. There are a couple of major problems when trying to utilize a blog that is not self hosted. The very first problem due to the fact the blogging service actually owns your blog posts. The second is the limitation on customization and functionality. By using a WordPress blog which you host, you will be able to utilize a number of widgets and plugins that will add additional marketing muscle to your MLM blog.

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Widgets and plugins are the heart and soul of any WordPress blog. Plugins are designed to control the internal functioning of the blog and widgets control the user experience. Your MLM blog will work best when you use widgets and plugins which were developed with marketing purposes as the primary goal. A few of the critical plugins will be those that assist in web site optimization, content syndication and social media integration. There exists other plugins and widgets that are built to foster interaction with your reader and to keep them on your website longer.

Apart from anything else, it is the opportuntiy to connect with individuals that guides the usage of an MLM blog. Your wordpress blog should be both a place of connection for fresh prospects and a place of ongoing relationship for those prospects you have already cultivated. Every marketing blog should have a lead capture system built-into the blog. This is best accomplished through some type of value added offer. This can include things like a member’s area for the blog or via the offer of some type of information in exchange for the contact information of the reader. Ideally, this lead capture system ought to be coupled with your email autoresponder making sure that regular, consistent follow up occurs with the prospect.

Social networking integration is the other critical element of connecting with people. When done correctly, a post to your MLM blog can carry your message to a large number of prospects within a few short minutes. This task is accomplished using social media syndication tools. These powerful tools automatically distribute new content from your blog to selected social mediasocial networking sites. From these sites, your content can be shared multiple times. To guarantee a viral component to your social media syndication you can utilize a service such as tribe pro that uses mutual syndication arrangements among its members.



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