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By | January 18, 2018

One of the easiest ways to start making money online is to start a blog. Yes it is much more involved than just creating a blog. There are lots of little tips and tricks that can turn your blog into a money making machine. But before you can write a blog you need somewhere to write it.

One of the best ways is to create your own using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress. There are others, and you can even use a hosted blog on sites such as, and There are many to chose from, each with it’s own great features. Hosted service are easier to run and customize, but sometimes the amount of customization is limited and you can usually do only so much. Blog software can range from the simple Blogger blogs with easy to use interface that lets you customize some colors and a few other things. But while hosted blogs are quite powerful by themselves, they’re nothing compared to what can be done with a full CMS like WordPress.

We use WordPress here at for our blog, because it gives us complete control of everything, plus all the plugins and themes add great features, functionality, and more! For those of you who have never worked with web sites and creating pages, your in for a treat. WordPress can be compared to a program that does most of the work for you. Much of the work involved in creating a website has already been done for you – you just have to provide the content (and a few plugins help too). There’s so many doors that a blog can open, and WordPress makes it easy to open them and much more.

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Now, as I said, we use WordPress for the blog here at TheGadgitech. However, we actually recommend (and here’s another tip) using all of the above! That’s right get an account with every site we listed above. If you do some searching, you’ll find we have several blogs ourselves. And the ones I listed are only the beginning.

I’ll cut straight to the point… The above sites are among the top blog sites, with 1000’s of bloggers and millions of readers. When properly set up, they will generate more traffic for you, which generally means you make more money. Again, there is much more to learn and there are many other tips and tricks that will turn all of your blogs into traffic generating machines! And we’ll give you all that and more in future posts. But until then, start signing up for those blogs, make a post and play with the features.

Good luck and have fun

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