Five Traps Bloggers Should Avoid

New bloggers often make a few mistakes. Fortunately, because many of those mistakes have been made before, this article can list them so they can be more easily avoided. Following are five mistakes bloggers should avoid.

1. Not Commenting on the Comments

One of the reasons for blogging in the first place is interaction with the readers. The readers are the heart and soul of the blog, and the real reason for its existence. Neglecting the comments is like ignoring the very people who give purpose to the blog. Respond to the comments whenever possible, or one day the only person reading the blog could be the writer.

2. Not Constructing from the Criticism

This one goes along well with the first trap. A blogger will get a lot of emails, some of them praise, but a lot them with suggestions on how to improve the website, the format or even the content of the blog. Some of them may end up being really good suggestions, so it is a good idea to read them all with an open mind and see which ones can be incorporated into the blog.

3. Resting from Writing

No blogger out there is actually a machine, no matter how much he or she may be tied to the computer, but that doesn’t mean that a week can go by without a new post. Plan ahead before a vacation with some extra posts and time-stamp them so there are no gaps in posting. Keep posting and keep the readers coming back for more.

4. Being Bored by Blogging

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When blogging becomes a chore just to finish quickly, that attitude will be reflected in the posts. This can be nipped in the bud by picking a blog topic the writer finds interesting. It’s even better if it’s a topic the writer knows well.

5. Not Respecting the Reader

It doesn’t help anything to alienate the blog’s readers. Be nice to them, even if their questions might get a little annoying every once in a while. Remember that not every reader has been with the blog since the beginning, nor does everyone have the same awareness of the subject the writer might have. Being polite and understanding will encourage the other readers to behave the same way, and they might even be willing to help out the new readers who have questions.

These traps, more than any other reasons, cause a blog to fail. Now that they’ve been pointed out so they can be avoided, comes the next step. Any growth in readership and popularity needs to be capitalized on before it fades away. Just following these simple “do nots” is a good start toward that goal.


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