Do I Need a Degree to be a Successful Freelance Writer?

If you’ve read older posts from my blog, you know that I dropped out/took a hiatus with only a few courses away from graduating. So do I regret it? Do I feel that I need a degree to pursue a freelance career? No and no, respectively.

Earning a degree is a personal decision. Many things factor into the equation: money, time, discipline, goals, etc. You should have some solid idea of what you want to do after you graduate before you shell out thousands of dollars for a degree. (Again, this I learned the hard way, so I know what I’m talking about.) There are obviously professions where a degree and/or specialized training is necessary (law, medicine, education). But is writing one of them?What does it take to be a writer?

Prerequisites for launching a freelancing career should include:
1. The ability to write. OK, this might seem a little obvious, but sometimes it’s difficult to evaluate your own writing skills. Can you get your point across in writing in a concise manner? Can you write logically? Does your writing make sense? Do you have a basic command of the English language? You don’t have to have the ability of Stephen King, but you do need to be able to organize your ideas and put them down in a way that the reader can follow. This is not as easy as it sounds, though it often gets easier the more you do it.

2. The ability to accept criticism. Having the piece that you spent hours researching, writing and slaving over only to be corrected and rejected are two of the most common things a writer will encounter. How well can you accept rejection? Can you learn from the advice of others? Will you be discouraged after your work is declined for publication? Knowing that rejection will happen and preparing yourself to use it as a means by which to improve your craft is the way a real writer copes.

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3. Good researching skills. Chances are very high that you will be spending half of your work time doing research. Before you even think about getting the words down, you need to have a firm understanding of your subject matter. Do you enjoy reading? Are you comfortable using the internet for research?

4. Highly organized. Being organized is a must for any freelancer. You won’t have a boss to remind you of deadlines, so you must be meticulous at scheduling your time. Not only will you need to carefully organize all of your projects (including keeping track of deadlines, giving yourself enough time to work on each assignment, staying in contact with clients), you will also need to organize your research content in order to write an informative and well-flowing piece.

5. Learn new skills. Having a natural inclination for learning is imperative. Freelance writers need to be on top of their game as far as software and computer applications are concerned. Depending on what you write, you will need to stay on top of any business trends and continuously hone your marketing skills. You must be willing to accept, learn and use new technology. Plan on spending some time keeping up-to-date by reading and even taking a class or two if needed.

6. Get an education. OK, I put this one last because for some people, it is a good idea to further their education. However, this does not necessarily mean going to college. A good writer knows their subject, so it is important that you have experience in an area that you consider yourself to be an expert in. This can come from job experience or life experience. Also, if your education happens to be in a field other than English, that’s OK. Use it to your advantage. For example, a degree in biology can give you credentials in writing for a scientific publication.

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