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So now your a pro blogger and you’re blogging away each and every day.

Then it happens. You never saw it coming. Your flow and passion have driven you and you’ve never had a problem coming up with something to write about.

Until today.

Writers block. It happens to everyone. You can be super passionate about your business. Super schooled in all facets of that business and know enough to fill volumes. But for some reason, today it just won’t come to you.

Don’t feel like the lone ranger here. It happens to everyone. It happens to me. I have been working online for over 13 years now. I have picked up a few things along the way and I absolutely love talking about all things ‘internet’…. So why is it that some days I just sit and look at that awful empty whiteness that is my text editor and groan?

Here is where I have to say, I don’t know. If I walk away from the computer and happen to start a discussion with my wife or someone else that has to do with work, I can roll on about a topic for hours. But at the moment I’m trying to come up with something pertinent to write about on one of my blogs, zippo. Zilcho. Zero.

No worries. There are answers for writing dry spells, and I have learned a few things about writing. One of them is that this kind of thing happens. So the best way for me to counter those dry days is to have some ammunition waiting in the storage shed. Yup, I sometimes stash an idea or two.

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In my car I carry a micro recorder. Many times when I’m driving through town something will tickle my frontal lobe and I’ll think it’s a good subject to write about. It might not be, but I grab my little recorder and babble off the idea. Then I forget about it usually. If it’s a really great idea and it sticks with me, usually it gets posted within a day or two. But sometimes I forget about something that really was a good idea and a good topic to cover.

So when the dry day comes, I run out to the car and grab my trusty little recorder and review what’s there. Most of the time I have something that I really did want to write about. Most of the time I find myself nodding and saying, “yeah, I remember that”. Giving me a good item to write about for today.

So instead of blowing off my writing for the day, I still keep the continuity going on my blog. My readers aren’t wondering if I’ve fallen ill, and the search engine spiders are a little happier to find brand new content on my blog. Two good reasons to keep on blogging.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you don’t have a decent idea and can’t come up with one, don’t waste your time putting up a junk post. Your readers won’t appreciate it, they probably won’t buy whatever product or service you are offering, and your spammy post won’t help you much in the search engines.

Follow the number one rule and you won’t go wrong. Write quality posts about your quality product or your quality service. Your words represent you online and they are what your potential clients will judge you on. Whatever you put on your blog will ultimately be a major deciding factor for your users as to whether or not they do business with you.

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But don’t become a lost blogger just because of a lost post. Know that the day is going to come when you aren’t quite sure what to blog about, and prepare for it.

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