Blogging Super Tips – What to Do When You Run Out of Ideas

It’s at the top of every blogger’s most-hated list: running out of content ideas. You’ve worked hard and long to build up a following of readers, and you certainly don’t want to lose them, but it won’t take them long to go elsewhere if you fail to serve up the unique content they demand.

If this hasn’t happened to you yet, it will. I don’t know of any blogger who is always full of fresh post ideas. But there are some things you can do. Here are some ideas to help you uncover new blog posts, or worst case scenario, give you content even when you’ve run out of ideas for new posts.

How to Find New Content Ideas

1) Subscribe to like-minded blogs. What are they writing about? Can you respond to a post, add to a post, or dispute a post of theirs? Do their posts give you any ideas?

Don’t short-change this tactic. You will be amazed at the number of posts you can create by pseudo-collaborating with other bloggers, and it’s also a great way to get links and establish your credibility.

2) Browse forums in your field. What are people talking about? What problems are they having?

3) Try StumbleUpon! You can find clever, inspiring content with a few clicks.

4) Create a video of yourself doing something in your niche or completing a task. What’s second-nature to you could be news to someone else.

5) Review your blog comments — write about a common thread in those comments, or answer them in a new post.

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6) Use Twitter! With Twitter, I really feel like I have my fingertips on the pulse of the niches I follow.

7) Write a tutorial.

8) Review a new service, business, web site, or book in your niche. This also gives you a way to earn some commissions. You could even set up a regular review day — maybe once every two weeks or so.

9) Interview your peers, and posts the results. Most bloggers are open to surveys from their peers, provided that it doesn’t look like social climbing.

“I Have NOTHING to Write About!”

1) Write a recap post. Recap the week’s events, recap your favorite blog posts over the past week, recap the comments left on your blog, etc.

2) Start reaching out to guest bloggers. You can create an author account in your WordPress blog, allowing them to write content, but not publish it.

3) Get ideas from private label content (PLR). Private label content can be purchased, rewritten, and rebranded. Its quality varies, but at the very least you can find an article to use a base for your next blog post. Just be careful, because most PLR content is low-quality and over-used.

4) Take a break, gather your best post ideas from the past, and go on a blog commenting campaign. You can gain traffic, backlinks, and find ideas at the same time.

Writer’s block happens to every blogger from time to time, but if approached methodically, there’s no reason that it should slow you down.



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