Blogger vs WordPress: How To Draw a Conclusion

Blogger vs WordPress . . hmmm . . .

It’s imperative for a soon-to-be blogger to get wind of the controversy on Blogger vs WordPress.

First of all there is a contrast between and I am speaking about a self hosted blog, because is pretty much the same thing as Blogger.

If you’re new to blogging and only want to post stuff up about what’s on your mind to your friends and family, then I would employ Blogger. That’s the principal difference of Blogger vs WordPress blogs, if you want a blog for private or selling reasons.

Blogger is awfully manageable to employ and it’s free! If you don’t care if your domain name being then you’re fine. I think you can actually get a different domain name with Blogger now for $12 a year.

Google owns Blogger, and they appear to have a tendency to take stuff down because they feel like it. Ever heard of the “Google slap?” That’s not the most durable situation for your blog.

Personally, if someone took something down that I worked arduously at creating, like a blog, I would be SO agitated I would maybe toss my computer out the window.

So Blogger vs WordPress? Which one are you going to go for?

Wordpress doesn’t have any of these limitations. In fact, this is why when it comes to blogger vs wordpress, I doubtlessly sanction WordPress:

If you aspire to own a business blog where you are presenting yourself, introducing your business, posting appropriate information for your prospects to come look at, you’ll need to have a professional looking site with a professional name.

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I use my name in my domain name that I purchased through Go Daddy.

You may also import Blogger into WordPress to make a changeover easier. prides itself in being an open source software which signifies that you can work with it for pretty much anything that you choose! With all the plug-ins that are available your imagination is the limit. You may even put in a contact form.

So if you’re thinking about Blogger vs WordPress, the reality that WordPress offers an easy way to translate your Blogger blog over should tell you something! Numerous people are switching to a WordPress blog!

Another positive thing about WordPress is that YOU own it, not Google. You will never be hit with a Google blog slap, so no tossing your computer through the window!

Now the most astonishing distinction between these two blogging platforms is the capability to rank. For some reason, the WordPress blogs rank A LOT better on Google.

For example, when I first began, my blog jumped up to an Alexa ranking of 1,000,000 in the world after a few weeks without doing anything at all, it was only sitting there. I’ve seen Blogger blogs start at over 15,000,000 in the world. For you business people, high rankings on Google signifies more traffic, and that signifies more business. πŸ™‚

Above all, most of the experts in network marketing work with WordPress, so that’s good enough for me!

It all only depends on what you’re working your blog for; private or business reasons.

Which blogging platform are you going to use? When it come to Blogger vs WordPress . . . I’m going to choose WordPress!



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