8 Reasons Why Nobody Wants To Read Your Blog

Do you have a blog? Is hardly anybody reading it? If so, there is probably a reason. Most blogs are pretty horrible, and most of these horrible blogs make at least one of the mistakes you will find below.

#1) Ugly Layout

Nobody is going to come back to a blog that is really ugly. You know what I am talking about. No matter how good the content is on a blog, if the blog looks like it has been hit by an ugly stick then you are stone cold out of luck.

Looks matter. If you want to have a successful blog, then you MUST have an attractive looking blog. This is the real world. Get used to it.

#2) Too Many Ads

People don’t come to your blog for ads. It is okay to have ads. Just don’t wrap your blog posts from head to toe with obnoxious ads that are going to give people a headache.

People are going to be pissed at you if they see Adsense at the top, middle and bottom of each article. They are going to be pissed if stuff starts popping up over the top of everything.

And you know what? Pissed off people won’t come back to your blog.

#3) Your Site Is Too Slow

Do you want to know how much time you have got to get the attention of someone new who visits your site?

About 5 seconds.

If your site doesn’t load quickly you are dead.

So don’t splash all of the latest obnoxious widgets all over your blog.

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Think simple.

#4) You Never Update Your Blog

If people are going to follow a blog they expect it to be updated once in a while. If the last time you updated your blog it looked like Hillary Clinton was going to be president, then you have a problem.

Seriously, if you want your blog to succeed at all, you have to update it at least a couple of times per week. Otherwise you might as well forget it.

#5) Heavy Handed Moderating

We have all seen these blogs, haven’t we? The new blog owner thinks that he or she is a little Saddam Hussein and starts insulting visitors and deleting everything in sight.

People do not come to your blog to be bullied by you. Owning a blog does not put you in a position of power. Get over it. Be nice to the people who visit your blog. They might actually come back.

#6) Lack Of Moderation

This is the flip side of the problem above. Some people do not moderate their blog at all, and it ends up being a spamfest filled with shout outs for male enhancement products.

Who wants to visit that?

So pay attention to what is going on in your blog.

#7) Your Writing Stinks

If you have this problem, then you might as well stop blogging. Or go back to school.


People are coming to your blog to read your writing.

If your writing stinks, people are not going to come back.

#8) You Don’t Publicize Your Blog

This is one of the easiest problems to cure. If you do not let people know your blog exists, then you will get very, very few visitors.

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Why should people visit your blog and not one of the other 150 million blogs out there that look exactly like yours?

How are people going to find your blog when it is one the 57th page of Google searches?

Learn how to properly publicize your blog and how to start building legitimate, long term traffic that will bring you blogging success.

So how exactly do you do that?

How do you create a blog that is different, that will get people’s attention and that will bring in tons of visits and revenue?

If you are looking for some tips in this area, we would suggest checking out Rob Benwell’s Blogging To The Bank 3.0. It will save you months, or possibly even years of trying to figure all of this out on your own.

But whatever approach you take, don’t give up. Success comes to those who work hard and refuse to quit.



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