7 Steps To Start A Chiropractic Blog Today

A useful key in marketing your practice online is by using a blog. Blogs can be used to promote your services or products, generate a loyal patient following, build a list, and more.

Blogs allow you to stay in contact with your current patients, and become the “expert” to your new patients. Having a blog also allows you to rank higher in the search engines than having a static webpage. Here are the 7 steps to starting a blog and implementing it as part of your chiropractic marketing plan.

1. Choose a domain name and webhost. You have a few choices in choosing a domain name. You could go with “yourtownchiropractor.com” or “yourtownchiropractic.com”. If you have a decompression practice, yoy may choose a name like “yourtowndecompressioncenter”. Resist the tempation to name your blog after yourself, unless of course you have made a name for yourself in your community already. Name selection is important in building a brand for your blog and also for ranking in search engines.

2. Pick a hosting service that you can install and run your blog on. This way, you will have complete control over your blog. When hosting websites, I prefer using hosting companies that make installing my blog software easy. Fantistco Deluxe is the program you want, because it makes installing a wordpress blog very quick and easy.

3.Choose a blog platform. There are many blog platforms to choose from, all of which have pros and cons. There are free hosted blogs like Google’s blogger.com and wordpress.com. These blogs are “hosted” in their domain, so the name of your site will look like www.yourname.blogspot.com and be hosted on Google’s domain. The problem is that you want your blog to become popular, rank high in search engines, and “brand” your product or name for the search engines. Which is difficult to remember with words like “blogspot” or “wordpress” in the domain name. Also, if you ever choose host your blog yourself, it is a nightmare to get everything converted over.

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4.Setup a theme for your blog. You can design your own theme or pay to create one for you, but WordPress has hundreds of free themes to choose from at www.themes.wordpress.net. Since you are setting up your blog to promote our products and build a list, find a simple theme that will appeal to your patient base.

5.Install your plugins. A plugin is a specific software that ads functionality and special features to your blog. Some of my favorites are askismet, Do Follow, and social bookmarking plugins.

6.Create your first blog post. Make your first post to your blog mostly content, something that grabs the attention of your ideal customer. Later on, you can begin making promotional posts to your blog for your services and special events. In the future I recommend posting 1-2 times per week.

7.Setup Email Capture and RSS feeds. Capturing your visitors email address should be a top priority of your blog. This will allow you to promote your products via email by using autoresponders and even make special offers to your email list only.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is used to subscribe to the feed of a website. This will allow your readers to be notified and will display your blog posts into their software or feed reader service like Google Reader. You will notice the big square orange icon at the top right of this page. This is the industry standard icon for RSS feeds commonly seen on blogs.

Your blog is now ready to go. You advertise your blog web address on your business cards and other marketing that you do.



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