6 Useful Tips to Remember When Writing a Blog Post


When writing a blog post it is important to remember our readers expect to be entertained and informed. Of equal importance is the format in which the content is presented to them. An easy to read layout that doesn’t mince words is usually preferred.

Here are 6 tips to keep in mind when posting:

1) Get to the Point

Every post you do should have a specific reason. You’re writing to convey information or express your opinion on something. Get to it and let your readers know how you feel or what information you may have that could be of interest or benefit to them and how. We’re not writing a novel with the intent to keep readers in suspense and string them along.

2) Maintain your personality

Blogging allows you to express yourself or impart information in your own unique style of delivery. This is what makes it so entertaining to many readers and this is many times why they subscribe to your blog. Let your personality shine thru since this will be what makes you stand apart from all the other bloggers. Whether it may be sarcasm, wit, enthusiasm, or a more analytical and to the point delivery your readers have chosen your blog for its information and also the way it is presented to them. Don’t lose sight of this, continue to be you.

3) Be consistent

This is important both in style and subject matter. You’ve picked a particular niche to speak about and have attracted avid readers due to their interest in this subject. Do veer off onto other unrelated issues or topics for any significant period of time or you will confuse and lose your readers.

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Your writing style also needs to be consistent. As we spoke of earlier, readers were in part attracted to your blog for your particular and unique style of delivering your opinion and/or information. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

4) Write Attention Grabbing Headlines

Your headlines can be controversial, cynical, or humorous. Write them in such a way that your subscribers will be curious as to what you’re referring or why you may be referring to something in a certain way. Play on their emotions; shock, humor, sympathy, or even intrigue will generally catch their attention compelling them to read more.

5) Reader friendly format

When blogging present your content in an easy to read fashion. By using bullet points or numerical listings you have enabled subscribers and visitors alike to easily follow along or even refer back to particular portions of the content. This type of layout is also easier on the eyes due to the spacing involved with a listing format as opposed to words and sentences that seem to run together in a paragraph type of formatting.

6) Optimize your post with keywords

By correctly using keywords within your content you will make it easier for the search engines to find your content so it can be displayed in their search results for anyone looking for information related to what you’ve posted on.

So remember next time you’re writing a blog post be yourself and keep in mind what both your readers and the search engines would like to see. This way everyone wins!



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