6 Steps To Help You Start Your Own Blog

Blogging began as a way for people to express themselves. Some people would do this by writing in their diary or their journal. Others prefer typing out their thoughts which is probably how blogging all started. It has been especially rewarding for those who have a hard time expressing themselves verbally and really prefer just writing out their thoughts. Here are 6 steps to help you start your own blog.

1. Go to Google, or any search engine, and type in blog sites. You can easily start by using a free service just to get your feet wet and try this on for size. Get comfortable setting your blog up before moving forward.

2. Because there are so many different blogging platforms, anyone of them will do. They all have different features and services, so be sure to choose one that you believe will be the easiest for you to use.

3. Depending on which direction you chose to go with your blog, some services will offer the option of keeping your posts private. You have the option to pick and choose who views your blog.

4. Instead of sticking with the basic theme when starting your first blog, there are a wide variety of free themes online to choose from. Once you are more comfortable with getting around in your blog, you can decide at a later date whether you would like to purchase a more advanced theme or have one created especially for you.

5. Once you have your blog set up the way you like, it’s time to start added some content. Most blogs all have an “About Me’ page. You want to share with your readers just exactly who you are and why you are here. If you will be creating a blog for the purpose of promoting products then you will want to also include “Contact” and “Privacy” pages.

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6. Now it’s time to start adding some content. You can always start with a welcome post just thanking those who have landed on your blog. Or you can definitely be sure to send the link to family and friends so they can give you their two cents worth as far as what they think of your blog.

Once again, depending on what type of blog you will be creating, will depend on what type of posts you will be writing. If it’s for the world to see, be sure to keep your posts interesting so that people will want to either subscribe to your RSS feed or come back often to read more of you posts.

Be sure and update your blog frequently. Once you start getting comments on your posts that will just motivate you to want to continue writing and improving on your writing skills and content.

If you are new to blogging, most people don’t realize that just because you have your blog published and ready for all to see doesn’t mean that you will instantly start having tons of visitors. Unless you start letting people know about your blog, it might take awhile to catch people’s attention. One of the best ways to get people to come to your blog is by commenting on other people’s blog. In the comment section it asks for your website address so be sure to put your blog link. When you comment on other’s blogs, they usually will return the favor.

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Blogging can be fun, rewarding and even make you a very good living. It all depends on which direction you chose to go. Just remember to share your thoughts and ideas with your readers and ask for their opinions in return.

I hope this article has been helpful is sharing the 6 steps to help you start your own blog.



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