5 Steps to a Successful Blog Launch

If you want to implement a successful blog launch there are a number of steps you should take before you publish your first post. If your goal is to attract a significant amount of traffic to your new blog you’ll want a blog that has some substance to it. When visitors land on your site and see the sum of your content is only a few blog posts, the chances of them returning or referring others to your blog are slim. This is one of the toughest aspects of a new blog launch. So how do you launch a new blog with little or no content and expect to attract a flow of traffic in hopes they’ll return?

Quite simply you prepare your blog in advance BEFORE you even publish your first post and here’s how.

1) Prepare at least 5 or more article length posts. You’ll want these articles to be heavily laden with great information and tips relative to the niche in which you’re blogging. Write these articles in a style that you’re comfortable with. You want your readers to immediately capture your tone, perspective or attitude since this will be how you’ll be communicating with them from this point forward. Some may like it and some may not however you’re interest is to attract those who are intrigued or entertain by your unique style since they’ll likely subscribe. This style will be what separates you from the other bloggers.

2) Make sure when someone lands on your blog that they can easily find the ‘pillar’ articles you’ve launched with thru a convenient link on the opening page. This content will likely be some of your better if not best work so take advantage of it and display it proudly. As time goes on and future blog posts of yours gain greater popularity amongst readers, begin to group them together in a category such as ‘Most Popular Post’ for easy access by visitors.

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3) The title of your blog should be well thought out before hand. You may decide to relate the title to the theme of your blog or you may want to identify it with your name. Whichever direction you choose be sure it is included in the blog title.

4) Include information about yourself for the readers to view. Take advantage of the ‘about’ page and let the readers know who you are and any special interest you may want to share. Tell them why you’re blogging, and what if any experience you may have that may be relevant to the blog or of interest to the readers. Include an email address or any other way to contact you that you’re comfortable with.

5) Encourage comments from your readers and make their commenting easy for them to do. Be sure the comment section is clearly displayed. The interaction involved on a blog is a large factor in what makes blogs as popular as they are so capitalize on this by using it. In order to insure a successful blog launch, proper preparation is vital. Completing these 5 steps during pre-launch should help for you to generate an immediate buzz during the initial launch stages and positioned you to quickly build upon the momentum created. From that point forward you’ll need to continually add quality content while listening to and acting upon your reader’s comments.

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