3 Ways to Get Motivated When Blogging

How do you get motivated when you are blogging? If you operate such a site you already know that maintaining a consistent blog posting schedule alone can be demanding. To compound that challenge a blog master generally works alone without the daily ‘physical’ support or encouragement of others. So the question remains, where do you find the drive to maintain the site on a regular basis, as bloggers what motivates us to continue on?

Here are 3 sources of motivation every blog master can call upon to help them continue maintaining their site without a crowd of people cheering them on.

Voicing Your Opinion

Your blog is a platform upon which you can freely voice your opinions or make suggestions that otherwise may fall upon deaf ears. Remember also that there are people who have an interest in what you say or how you say it. They may not always agree, but they are listening nonetheless! The truth is that like minded people tend to gather around the same blogging sites, therefore you will find many in agreement with your opinions. This is a nice source of encouragement and certainly helps motivate you to continue offering your insights. Who doesn’t like when others are in agreement with your opinions?

Getting Positive Feed Back

Invariably many will leave comments both good and bad about your blog posting. Learning to deal with negative comments is just something every blogger must do while realizing to not take it personal. However when you receive positive feedback, it can be a very uplifting feeling, giving you the sense that your efforts are appreciated. This alone is strong motivation for any blog master! So for those of you who do leave comments like this, thank you! And for those of you who leave negative comments, learn to lie a little bit better and leave nice ones instead!

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The End Results of Research

What motivate us as bloggers more than anything else is the passion or genuine interest we have for the subject we write about. With that said there is obviously a strong ‘curiosity’ to learn more about our selected field or subject matter. This of course requires ongoing research to quench not only this curiosity, but also to help supply additional content for the readers as well! When both can be done successfully, it serves as positive reinforcement to go back and do it again.

Learning how to get motivated when blogging is probably the most critical skill to develop for any blog master. There is a lot to do to properly maintain one of these sites and usually nobody to help you do it. Readers count on you maintaining a consistent blog posting schedule while at the same time they also expect quality in what you post. This alone can be time consuming and demanding therefore as bloggers go, what motive us to continue the maintenance of our blogs? As discussed above it is necessary to find the motivation in the work you do and the responses you may receive. With all things considered, likely the single biggest factor involved in the success of any blog master is the passion they have for what they do as mentioned previously!


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    David CrossAugust 2, 2018 at 6:22 amReply

    The lack of motivation can be a huge problem for bloggers. While there is nobody to tell you to write new content, you can just neglect your blog for weeks or even months.
    You can’t make a blog successful without motivation, but your tips can really help gaining motivation for blogging.

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