Putting A Social Bookmarking Button To Your Blog To Be Able To Boost Traffic

By | September 20, 2017

Many men and women who start blogs do it in order to try to make a little extra money, but without targeted traffic you won’t be making any money. You might be one of those people who keep attempting new things to get additional traffic to your blog. When it comes to obtaining more traffic to your blog you really must get back to the basics. This is why I decided to go over how essential it is to just add a “share this” button on every one of your blog posts. And exactly how this little addition can certainly end up driving sizeable amounts of traffic.

A “share this” button is a particularly simple way for 1 website visitor to share your blog post with 100s or even thousands of other people. Many of you have even most likely seen these buttons on various other peoples blogs. This is an easy method for the visitors of that blog to tell their friends about a post that may interest them.

While you can find buttons that will allow you to post to twitter or even facebook you will want to find a button that has multiple sites listed. If you genuinely want to see how potent this little button can be don’t limit the web sites that your visitors can post to. To be able to get the most out of buttons like this find one that permits people to add the post to many different sites. Or you could simply add a different button for all the various sites that you want the public to be able to post to. You have to remember that not everyone has got a twitter account, so if you just add a twitter button you are limiting the possibilities for people to tell other people about the page.

If your blog is on a wp platform, you have multiple options of plugins that you can make use of. Some of the plugins will probably only include a few social networking sites, while others may have the possibility to include 30 or more sites. The important thing here is to find a “share this” plugin that includes as many sites as possible.

Here I am going to show you an example of exactly what could happen when you have this button set up. In this illustration we are going to say that a single visitor shared your post with their friends on one of the social networking websites. All they had to do was use the button you downloaded and now 50 more people are aware of your post. Now lets say that 50 men or women saw the post but just 7 made a decision to stop by your site and read the post for themselves. And if just 3 of them share your post on various other social sites by using your “share this” button, you now have other people spotlighting your post. And by those 3 individuals sharing, this post might now be suggested to yet another 150 people. And out of these 150 people, lets say that 20 of these individuals visit your blog and 8 of them promote the post with their colleagues on their social networking sites. I am sure you are able to see how one post with a good “share this” button can turn in to loads of traffic.

Taking Your Blog to a New Level with Different Post Ideas

By | September 19, 2017


If you are maintaining a blog, you are supposed to write new content on a daily basis. This cannot be disputed. There are many blogs that aren’t getting the attention they deserve, with a lack of readers, only because there’s not much on them. However, if you have maintained a blog for any time, then you know that this has to do with generating fresh ideas for your blog. This is so that you can update it. It is sort of hard to generate new blog submissions when you do not know what you will talk about next.

So how do you handle this and make things easier?

Read Books/Magazines: There is a wealth of information available offline if you go through various magazines and books in your niche. You’ll have no trouble at all finding fresh topics to blog about when you read through publications like this. If you have a blog in the tech niche you should be able to come up with all sorts of blog posts that are a good fit for your blog with just one issue of PC World Magazine. Of course it can, and it will, if you know where you’re looking. Your overall aim here should be to get into the head of your readers and give them what they are looking for. Since major publications are well-researched your job is mostly completely by reading them. Leverage Yahoo Answers: As a blogger, you have to know where to find topics for your niche. And, when you are surfing through different resources, how can you ignore Yahoo Answers? You can browse through the current questions and answers to locate topics that would interest your readers. Usually, you will discover that people are searching for information about their particular problems. You will also get a glimpse at how others answer these questions. This will also provide you with the researched content that you need for your blog posts. You are aware that you will have to conduct other research too. But, all in all, you will get a good indication of what people are needed and what answers you should supply.

You can find a ton of bright, shiny, brand new blog ideas by visiting niche forums regularly. All it really takes is a daily scan of topic headings to find out the topics of interest and the questions being asked in your niche. It’s easy to find unique topics for your posts doing this because forums get constant posts. You always have the additional option of asking members to give you suggestions for blog posts as well as feedback on your blog. Regularly browsing these forums will give you many different ideas to take home and write a blog post about, so never underestimate the power of online discussion boards. Even forums that aren’t high traffic sites can provide valuable inspiration. In conclusion, creating successful blog posts involves more than just having subjects to write about. You need to put in the effort to make your post unique and stand out of the crowd. Remember, that all of your subscribers are valuable. So focus on providing your subscribers a lot of value with each blog post.

How To Start Your Company Blog

By | September 18, 2017

So you want to spread word about your business, and you’re hearing everywhere that having a company blog is a must. Starting a company blog is important for your business. The hard question is how can you rise to the top of thousands of blogs on the Internet, and possess a powerful impact? Create a blog easily with the following tips:

Hosting blog work is essential to your business, but where to host? Starting a blog begins with choosing the right Blog builder. If you are serious about making your mark, you will want a blog with an impressively professional appearance. Steer away from “free” blog builders and invest a few dollars in choosing a blog that is technologically advanced and well staffed. Some of the free blog builders available are not updated regularly, have virus problems, a lack of flexibility, and little staff support. If you plan to continue your company blog in the long-term, later on you may regret choosing a free website. Months into blogging, once your readership has grown, you may encounter growth problems, finding that your space is limited or what you want to do is impossible. Switching to a different blog builder at that point might result in losing readers and losing business. So start out on the right foot with a highly dependable and technologically astute blog builder. I favor TypePad.

Once you find the blog builder that suits your plan, make it graphically pleasing. TypePad walks you through design options as you build your blog. Other blog websites may require you to brush up on your html knowledge, which may take hours if you are not already familiar with it. Do not underrate the importance of graphic design on your blog. This is the first thing your readers will see when visiting your blog, and you want the effect to be both a reflection of your company. One glance at a company blog and I can identify, just from the design, if the blogger is a professional or an amateur. Rise to the top and make sure everyone knows that you value quality. If your readers see that your design is modern, they are more likely to trust your company’s product.

You may need to hire a graphic designer. When I decided to design my own website, with no experience at all, I didn’t realize it would take me an entire month. I had underestimated the complexity of design and the accompanying programming. Since I am artistic I enjoyed the challenge and went on to design other websites. If you have the time, and the creative inclination, designing it yourself may be the answer. Otherwise you will want to hire someone good. Remember that your blog is like a storefront. You want it to look its best.

Finally, start blogging. Be persistent in growing your readership base and catering to their needs with a variety of visual affects and video streams. Promote your blog and keep blogging, even if at first it seems that no one is noticing you. Momentum will eventually gain, especially if you stay abreast of how to promote yourself on the Web.

Great Post Titles are Very Important

By | September 17, 2017

The titles of your posts are very important. They are essentially headlines.

Not only can they “grab” people and entice them to read, but they can also generate search engine traffic, and an incredible amount of Internet traffic, including for blogs, is driven by search engines. Many blogging platforms also use the blog title to help generate the filename they store the post in, making it even more important to search engines as they consider file names in their rankings.

Great titles are different online versus offline. For example, “Look Better Naked” is an interesting title. The local health club is using it in their advertising. Hey, fit people look better naked. I think it’s brilliant – offline.

Online, it has problems. It both contains no “keywords” or “key phrases,” things people would search on when looking for a health club, and it’s too generic. People might look because it’s cute and sexy, but it doesn’t particularly appeal to someone looking for a health club, and it won’t help get search engine traffic.

Let’s improve it by adding keywords. The follow two titles are infinitely better: Exercise – Look Better Naked Health clubs help you “Look Better Naked” So what keyword is best, “exercise,” “health club,” or something else?

There are simple tools that will help you out. I like the free Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Other keyword tools include the well-regarded wordtracker.com which has a free trial available.

The keyword selector tool tells you roughly how many times a term has been searched on in search engines in the past month. It’s the relative numbers that matter.

exercise has been searched on 6,120,000 times in the previous month health club has been searched on 301,000 times gym has been searched on 5,000,000 times world gym has been searched on 60,500 times Since this happens to be a “World Gym,” and that phrase includes “gym,” I’m going to pick “World Gym” and the final title is “World Gym – Look Better Naked.”

No it’s not exact science! “Health clubs help you Look Better Naked” would be fine as well.

In the post, include the other keywords and phrases as well to please the search engines and help people find your no-doubt great content. Make sure you include them in a natural way – i.e., write for the reader, not the search engines. Do not write something like the following garbage. People, and the increasingly intelligent search engines, will hate it!

“Health clubs and gyms are great for exercise to look better naked. Everyone should exercise in a health club or gym. Give a health club or gym membership as a present to a loved one. I love to exercise in health clubs and gyms because I love exercising in health clubs and gyms . . .”

A couple of hints:

Keywords at the beginning of a title are better than keywords at the end of a title. Put keywords early in the post. Don’t obsess over this!

Yes, I know, that was three hints. My three year old Amelia told me today that a couple was three, and who am I to argue?

Creating User Friendly Business Blogs

By | September 16, 2017

Considering that business blogs are created with the intent to make money doesn’t it make sense to make them user friendly? The blogging business can be and is very competitive therefore it stands to reason that the site should be developed with the blog reader in mind. Their visits should be positive experiences that include making the site easy to navigate. Site visitors should also be greeted with a layout that shouts ‘welcome’ or ‘come back’ since their loyalty will be what determines the success of the business itself.

Here are 5 details that need to be considered when creating a blog with the intention of earning an income from it.


It is always a good idea to categorize any content you post to the site. This makes it much easier for both the search engines and site visitors to find what they are looking for. Another benefit of categorizing your post is that you make older posts more readily available for viewing.

Easy to Subscribe

The point of creating a blog is to gain a loyal following to which you can promote goods and services if earning an income is your intention. With that said you want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to return to your platform. Be sure to prominently locate a subscribe button so people can pick up your rss feed.

Useful Content

Never forget that people come to your site for the content you post and not to be sold anything. It is therefore important to maintain your focus on continually creating and posting content that is useful to your readers.

‘Clean’ Layout

Do not ‘crowd’ your site with too many distractions such as banners ads or other forms of advertising like pop ups since this can be annoying to visitors. As just mentioned above reader satisfaction is your top priority and pummeling them with sales pitches is not the way to keep them happy. Maintain a layout that is easy to navigate with a clean and professional appearance that is easy on the eyes. Remember your blog is a place of business and not a 3 ring circus!

A Little About ‘You’

Make easily available to all visitors a little background information about you or your business. Now you do not need to go in much detail here but share with people a little about your experience and how it relates to the theme of your site. Also make clear your intentions insofar as to why your blog was created and what you hope to achieve.

Business blogs are all about making money therefore ‘extra’ attention needs to be given to the ease, convenience and comfort of site visitors. Being that the blogging business can be very competitive certain details must be addressed when first creating a blog intended as a marketing platform. Yes money is a priority with these sites however the top priority remains the blog reader upon whom the business will be built. 5 details in particular should be addressed from day one on the blog and are discussed above. By making your site comfortable and pleasing to any and all visitors you will be increasing your chances of their return. With this loyalty you can then build yourself a viable and profitable blogging business.