How to Start a Business Blog in 48 Hours or Less

By | February 24, 2018

“I want to start a blog as a way of growing my business presence online, but I’m not sure where to begin. Can you point me in the right direction.”

This is a common question among modern business owners, many of who have heard about the attributes of blogging and are ready to launch one of their own. So in this brief tutorial, I’ll explain how to start a business blog without wasting a lot of time on the research and setup process. In fact, this guide will show you how to get up and running in just a couple of days.

Technical notes: This lesson will focus on the self-hosting model of blogging. In other words, it will show you how to set up a web hosting account for your blog (as opposed to hosting it with WordPress, Blogger, etc.). This is the best type of setup for a business / company blog.

Step 1 – Get a Domain Name

This will be your web address. If you already have a company website online, you could simply add your blog onto the main site. In this hosting scenario, your blog would become an extension of your existing website, and all of the supporting files would be published into a sub-folder or sub-directory.

If you don’t have a website domain already, you can register one for about $10 per year through a domain registrar (a company that specializes in registering website domain names). GoDaddy, and Network Solutions are three examples.

Step 2 – Get Web Hosting

Once more, if you already have a website and will be adding your blog as an extension of that site, you can skip this step. Web hosting simply refers to the servers (big computers) that will host all of your blog files. You can expect to pay between $7 and $10 per month for web hosting.

Many of the same companies who offer domain registration services can host a business blog / website as well. My advice is to use one of the big names listed under Step #1 so that you can enjoy reliable service with minimal downtime.

Step 3 – Choose Blog Program

Some bloggers will argue until their blue in the face about which blog program is superior, and why. In my opinion, blog programs all do the same thing … they publish your content onto the web, quickly and easily, and in an organized manner.

I recommend using either Blogger or WordPress. If your blog is going to be fairly simple, you might choose Blogger. If you think you might be “tweaking” the blog code to achieve certain effects (not necessary, by the way), you might prefer the WordPress platform.

Step 4 – Install Blog Program

Now you have a registered domain name, a website hosting plan, and a blogging program all picked out. The next step is the installation process. Here you will install the blog onto your hosting account. If you chose Blogger, this process will be simply. You just log into your Blogger account and tell it where to publish the blog (onto your domain). If you chose WordPress, you will actually install the program directly onto your web domain / hosting account. It’s a simple process, but you might want to get help from somebody who has done it.

Step 5 – Take a Test Spin

Now you are ready to start blogging away. But before you do, it’s a good idea to make a few test posts. A “post” is new information published to the blog, like an article. You can make some test posts to learn how your chosen program works. Experiment with hyperlinks, formatting the text, adding images, etc. You can always delete your practice posts when you’re done.

Step 6 – Start Blogging

Congratulations. You’ve tackled the technical side of things and you are now ready to start writing and publishing information online. Once you have a blog up and running, and you’re comfortable with how to use it, you can move on to “loftier” topics, such as increasing your traffic and growing your web presence.

Strategies Valuation of A true Residence Blogs Just for Business

By | February 23, 2018

Creating a mortgages talk means that you can you could make your undertaking by building themsleves recurring loyal within business potential customers. Contrasting internet site, your blog bring your organization very much corporation because those care more about the rare firm up for posts thus are going to take a look at personal blogs on a daily basis.

Features a doubting the value of a proper real estate own blog due to businesses, now don’t. Writes will be a marvellous system develop your enterprise in case you’re an angel investor. For anyone a venture capitalist, beautifying your blog intended for market players help you’ll want to have a very good dependable audience with probability small cap investors which of you has become serious about hearing about the very best residence you’ll want to resell.

As one example, imagine that you place ready a definite house write over purchasers to mention your very best self opinion for real residence trading additionally your latest outings for buying into your actual system your venture. Can potentially, you’ll see that you’ve scores of viewer fairly often. Necessities buildings is definitely redesigned and that is anxious on discount sales. The person so quickly invested a photo and thus video media among the homes on the blogging site. There you have it. Tons of web log followers looks about the belongings and whenever them have to sales the site, in a position communication you can.

Basically, there are thousands of positives on the way to setting up a journal:

Just one) It’s a terrific affiliate internet marketing programme. Blogs have always been certainly retrieveable by msn search for instance such as Search engines like google. In other words for people who have yahoo search run optimization procedures wordpress, 1 trying property investors near to you, residences within driving distance, or maybe an one of your corporations can find the company’s way for you to your blog site. By simply considering crucial phrase optimization for those who publish your blog site, you will be able improve creator which arrives for ones web blog after internet marketing site traffic.

8) It truly is a super way to fabricate site your internet web-site. Inside the event you have also an online site about your stock options work, feel that you don’t your blog. A blog, then again, have the ability to raise people to your internet location. As web logs allow for mutual inlinks to some rrnternet site. This shows that buyers by means of webpage proceed to your site, and consequently the other way round. More back-links even improve serps of the each your site abd then your web page.

A number of) Footwear far easier to acheive scanners normal basis back in your web site rather than to your internet pages. Website pages commonly stationary, from quick facts and strategies also skilled professional architecture. Of course this can be extremely constructive, very internet based tv audience answer customer a small amount of temperament, cracks, as well as a sense of humor. Blog honestly many more laid back sorts of around the web letters, as they allows you to share their possible uniqueness over the internet. This will likely give you additional information individuals. Advantage, mainly because blog generally up-to-date in many instances within a some days, everybody is gonna take note of web sites refund in many cases.

4th) Working with a property internet site with regards to individuals helps you to grab small cap investors and first-time property. Anyone can like the strategies you ought to go over in the . Including homeowners which can buyers, consumers is sometimes traveling to your blog to some degree every day, and this helps ensure that you’ve a huge selection of prospects in a position get your residential you will then be a house make a sale.

WordPress – How To Get Started In 5 Easy Steps

By | February 22, 2018


Setting a blog up in today’s world is a lot easier than it used to be and much easier than you might think. This is not a long technical process like many people would have you believe. Well this is no longer the case, as you will soon see as you read along.

if you follow along and take action, by the end you will have your very own blog up and running.

First I am going to explain the difference between and as there is often confusion. is a service which provides you with an up and running blog, you do not have to install it or maintain it but there are restrictions – You cannot upload any plugins or themes, you have to work with what is offered to you, and you are not allowed to have ads or banners on your blog, it can and does work well for many people but it is worth reading the terms and conditions before signing up. is a open-source self-hosted blogging tool which means you are free to do with it as you like with no restrictions and at no cost. This is what I will be showing you in this article.

1. Before you can get started with setting up your WordPress blog you will need to setup a hosting service with a domain name. I use, but there are many other services available. Ask around to see if there is a service which you could sign up for, if not BlueHost are very competitive. If you are setting up a personal blog having your name as the domain name would be a good choice or you could come up with something imaginative. Now that you have your hosting service and your domain name all setup we can now start with the installation of WordPress.

2. Now that you have your hosting all setup, login to your domains Cpanel with the user name and password they provided you with. Once you have logged in to the Cpanel, scroll down the page until you find the ‘Software/Services’ tab, locate the ‘Simple Script’ icon and click it.

3. You will now arrive at the ‘Simple Script’ page with a list of web based applications which you can install. On the page you will see a heading called ‘Blogs’ and this is where you will see the WordPress application, click it to get started.

4. You will now be at the WordPress install page ready to start installing. You will now need to read through the page and click on the ‘Install Now’ button at the bottom of the page. Once you arrive at the install page you will see ‘Step 1: Installation Preferences’. he first drop down menu shows different versions of WordPress but you should always set this on the current version, but not a beta version. The next drop down menu is the domain you are going to be installing WordPress on. The domain name you chose when you setup your hosting service will appear in the drop down menu which can be changed if and when you have more than one domain name. You can also enter a directory name for which you would like to install onto. If you just want just leave the box blank. In ‘Step 2: Advanced Options’ enter the name of your site in the box provided in my case I will enter ‘WordPress How To’, now tick the box to ‘Automatically create a new database’. Final in ‘Step 3 Legal Information’ read and tick the box to agree, then tick the ‘Complete’ button.

5. Now Simple Script will install your WordPress blog onto your server and once done it will display your site URL, your login URL and finally your Username and Password. Your WordPress blog is now installed and visible, to view your newly installed blog just click on the site URL. You probably won’t think much of the look of your site at the moment but this can all be changed and you can have a lot of fun doing it, and again none of this is technical – it can all be done very easily and as I just said it’s also good fun.

I appreciate you taking the time in reading this short article and hope you have found it helpful.

5 Ways to Create New Ideas for Articles and Blog Posts

By | February 21, 2018

Even the best writers occasionally get lost when searching for new topics to write about. The daunting task of coming up with fresh ideas can be especially intimidating to an inexperienced writer.

Fortunately, there are several good strategies that we can use to help us to create interesting and attention grabbing content for blogs, articles, and websites. Strategy number one is to start with a broad topic and think of subtopics related to it.

Let’s take a topic like dogs for instance. We could write about different breeds of dogs, how to properly care for a dog, common health problems of dogs, comparing brands of dog food, how to raise a puppy, how to discipline and train a dog, pure bred dogs vs. mixed breed dogs, etc.

As you can see, a broad topic can easily be broken down into subtopics. In addition to this, each subtopic contains within it the seeds of more subtopics. For example, the subtopic of “common health problems of dogs” can be further broken down into health problems that commonly plague each individual breed of dog.

As you can see, we’ve taken one subtopic and used it to create more subtopics. With some thought, you can come up with literally hundreds or even thousands of subtopics. This strategy also works very well when creating content that is search engine optimized for long-tailed keywords.

Search engines display lists of websites that appear on their search results pages based on keywords or keyword phrases used by a person searching for information. Long-tailed keywords are more specific and detailed than broad keywords.

For example, if someone is searching for cars, he/she may use the keyword “convertible car” which is somewhat specific but is still rather broad. To be more specific, he/she can type in the keyword phrase “Cherry Red Ford Mustang Convertible”.

By doing keyword research (with online tools such as Keyword Discovery or Google Adwords Keyword Tool), you can find very detailed long-tailed keyword phrases that match the subtopics that you come up with. An added bonus is the fact that you will also gain knowledge of the words and phrases used by your target audience when they are searching for very specific information on the internet. This becomes invaluable information if you are trying to market a product or service online.

Strategy number two is to create top 10 lists of items or people. Many people love reading these lists. Examples include the following: Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars, Top 10 Greatest Athletes of the past decade, Top 10 Action Movies of all time, Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online, Top 10 Ways to Get out of Debt, etc.

Strategy number three is to ask friends and relatives for ideas and topics. They may think of some things that you may have missed. Don’t underestimate the ideas they provide you with. Some may sound good while some may not. In any case, write them all down and then pick out the best ones.

Strategy number four is to put a new spin on an old topic. You can take a topic or idea that you or someone else has already written about and write something new about it or present the topic in a way that no one else has done yet.

Every individual person has his/her own way of looking at any issue, problem, or topic of interest. This gives you an opportunity to flex your creativity muscles and add your own unique perspective to the topic.

Strategy number five is the simplest of all. Take a break a break from straining your mind for ideas and get some rest. Sometimes thinking too hard actually keeps the answers we seek from presenting themselves in our minds.

If we take a mental break, oftentimes the new ideas and topics we are searching for will spontaneously pop up in our minds. This usually happens when we are busy thinking about or doing something else. By using these simple tips, you can create endless ideas and topics to write about.

How to Start a Blog People Will Want to Read

By | February 20, 2018


Blogging has become one of the most popular ways of using the Internet today. That’s because it’s so easy to start a blog and customize it to your heart’s content. You can start a blog on virtually any subject and find a following for it.
Blogs are powerful tools for getting attention. If you’ve used Google lately you’ve probably noticed that a good portion of the results for any given search are blogs. Anyone can start a blog that can become immensely popular among certain groups of people. Here are some tips on how to start a blog that people besides your mother will actually want to read.

How to Start a Blog Tip 1: Think of Your Audience
It’s one thing to start a blog to keep your extended family up to date on your life and something else to start a blog a complete stranger would want to read. If you want to become the blogosphere’s answer to Martha Stewart, leave the picture’s of your three-year-old’s birthday party out along with the details of your husband’s bout with diarrhea. Make sure the content of your private blog is relevant to the people you want reading it.

How to Start a Blog Tip 2: Specialize and Stick to the Subject
You may be an expert on both analyzing politics and household crafts, but the combination probably won’t make a very professional blog. Household crafts and a collection of your favorite recipes would be a better fit. Of course you should be creative when you start a blog if you want it to stand out, but keep your content focused.
You should be familiar enough with the subject you start a blog on to consistently have insightful content. If you occasionally want to write a review of a new camera, find a blog dedicated to that subject and comment there. You’ll reach many more people that way.

How to Start a Blog Tip 3: Be Honest about Where You’re Coming From
Don’t try to use your blog to tout your business without disclosing your connection with the business. If you run a day care and want to start a blog about child raising techniques, be upfront about what you are doing. Don’t try to pass yourself off as the world’s biggest fan of your daycare. If and when people find out, they probably start their own blogs against your business.

How to Start a Blog Tip 4: Make It Visually Appealing
You have about 8 seconds to convince your readers they want to stay on your blog. Start a blog off on the right foot by making it visually appealing. This isn’t hard to do, just think of websites you like and imitate them. Here are some hints.
To start, a blog should contain plenty of interesting pictures throughout. This will draw people’s attention. Also use interesting headlines that let people know exactly what they’re going to find.
Some color schemes are annoying and will make your blog seem unprofessional. Don’t use light or neon colored text on dark backgrounds. I would stick with black text on light colors. And make it is at least 11 point font.

How to Start a Blog Tip 5: Make Your Writing Professional and Compelling
If you really want to impress people, you have to show professionalism in how you write. Correct grammar and spelling are essential for a professional blog. Being concise is important for writing on the web. Once you get those down work on making your writing interesting. Use humor and personal anecdotes that don’t distract from the primary purpose of your blog. This is one of the most important things that will make your private blog stand out from all the others out there.

You may know more about how to catch a fish than anyone, and there are surely people who want to know what you have to say. But that doesn’t mean they will want to read your private blog. Use these tips on how to start a blog and you will be amazed who reads your blog on a regular basis. You may even end up with your own fishing show.

Advanced SEO For Fast ROI

By | February 19, 2018

* Twitter – This social networking web site has outgrown its humble micro-blogging origins and has started to satisfy its nice potential for net marketing. Nowadays, it will be likened to a corporation blog. But though the primary goal is to spread the word, providing an a lot of personal touch versus RSS feeds is the key to success in promoting blogs or press releases. It is conjointly a great approach to interact with followers and shoppers.

If you are an internet marketer, you would like to decide on which half of your marketing ways you will take part in. Doing the whole campaign alone can be a terribly daunting task. You can perpetually rent an SEO company or a personal SEO specialist to help you are doing all the required tasks, which includes indexing your net pages, analyzing, and developing keywords and key phrases, updating web site content, creating back links, social networking and a lot of more.

Social media promoting will be defined as the process of selling or promoting merchandise and services through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The use of the internet’s social facet allows the social media marketer to attach and interact with the target demographic or audience on an additional dynamic and personal level than what can be achieved through conventional selling ways. Have you been wanting to learn sem  ? Well just follow that link. The first part of the method is keyword research. Keywords are really necessary to promoting a website properly. You need to form certain that the contents of your website feature the foremost commonly used keywords by folks when they’re trying for what you have to supply. For instance, if you’re selling pregnancy E-books, then you would like to search for keywords that will perfectly match your products. Keywords ought to invariably be kept in mind when one is doing net advertising and search engine optimization as they are truly one amongst the items that search sites observe when they rank websites. In different words, search sites use keywords in determining the precise contents of a web site. Search sites are programs, not humans and therefore they need to base things on certain factors so as for them to see what a website is all concerning.

This can be a follow-up to key number one on several levels, however writing is additionally an important aspect to Internet marketing generally. You need to be ready to formulate text for your website and for your other areas of marketing, like article and email promoting. These texts won’t have to be thus keyword-laden, as they will utilize links, but knowing the way to formulate text around keywords could be an important step.

Let your agility give you a competitive advantage. Have the tools sort of a PDA, mobile Net Access and a lot of prepared to turn on a dime and turn out results. For my like-minded techie friends, we have a tendency to should take care. Do not simply get gadgets to induce the best, newest things. Yes, the kids back at the tech treehouse can like it. They will Ooo and Ah over your newly acquired gizmo, but remember it’s to pass the intense, bottom-line-oriented questioning of “Why?” to justify its purchase.

Build articles together with your links in them. Post these in several article directories so that you will build your presence on-line. Add social media, videos, social bookmarks, and RSS feeds into the combo and your website can positively be visible to completely different search sites.

The last factor that you would like to try and do is begin out on the wrong foot and not create any type of income. It’s vital to use a consulting web selling SEO service that can take a new person on the internet and guide them in the proper direction from the terribly starting. You additionally need to understand how to take your SEO traffic and turn them into customers that are repeating. A consulting net promoting SEO service is going to be in a position to point out you all of this.