How To Design The Blog?

By | January 16, 2018

Design is plays a key role for any blog. It can increase or decrease the value of the blog. “Look” is first thing which helps in dragging visitors to your site .Let us take an example suppose if I buy very costly shoes and wear it or if you have good body then it doesn’t matter, if you meet a new person then first he look at our face then he will look our bottom. He doesn’t loot at our feet at first glance. First impression is the best impression. That impression can be possible with good design. So the design is essential for bringing best look for the blog.

When it comes to blog design you will be confused what you have to do to get the perfect design? But there will no confusion if you are perfect in html and web designing then you can design the blog your self. If you are not perfect then you can hire some one to do it. The blog can be designed based on your budget. It is as follows:

1) Do you have enough money to design your new blog ?

2) Install a free theme or install a free theme by making some customizations to it.

If you want unique blog design and you are ready to spend money then you can go for option one. But if you don’t have enough money then you can go for option two.

There are many web design services online you can order your design based upon your requirements. You can order your blog to be designed there. The following things should be kept in mind before you start designing.But before designing your blog just make sure how you want it to be?The below things might give you some sought of idea.

-> If the pages are visually appealing and if they provide convenient navigation, they are likely to be visited by more users. A poor layout will discourage people from spending too much time on the blog.

-> Ask you’r self who the intended audience is. Are you writing for children, business executives, retired persons or a general audience? Knowing who you are targeting will greatly influence your design.

-> How many graphics do you intend to include do you want to impress your audience? Remember, graphics take long time to load. Google will take time to crawl the graphics loaded blog.

-> Do you want the blog with two sidebars with two one left and right side with content in center? Or do you want one sidebar with content section on one side of the blog? Just decide for yourself. Most of the bloggers today are opting for one sidebar with content section in one of the side.

For the people who want their unique and new design:-

Blog Writing: 5 Tips to Turbocharge Your Blog

By | January 15, 2018

Blog writing is extremely important. Most of the time we are updating our blog, we are writing. We are not working on the template or trying to get a better picture up or deciding what new category we should or shouldn’t add, but we are writing.

Here are 5 tips to help supercharge your blog writing, and by extension your blog as well!

1) Write in a conversational tone.

Marketese and business speak do not work in blogs. Write as though you are speaking to a friend. “If you ever went to business school ignore everything you learned about writing while there,” is very popular advice that lots of people give and is not far off the mark. If you have trouble writing conversationally, try saying your thoughts out loud as if speaking to someone before writing them down.

2) Improve your vocabulary. Great writers have great vocabularies.

The best and most painless way to increase vocabulary is just to read a lot. Now I fail somewhat here, because although I read a lot, it’s primarily blogs and business books. I am sure if added some fiction to the mix, and I love fiction, I’d improve my vocabulary even faster, but with three kids time is a challenge.

Read a wide variety of stuff; if you don’t like to read, you probably shouldn’t be trying to write!

3) Write like yourself; don’t try to emulate writers you admire!

You might love Dan Brown or Steven King, but you simply can’t write like them and they can’t write like you either. You have to find your own voice, your individual style, and then you will write with a lot more confidence.

4) Play with the language while you are writing.

Now what does this mean? It means have fun writing. Use the vernacular, use slang and expressions that perhaps are not that common, but which hopefully people understand.

Make your prose accessible; make it entertaining. This adds extra appeal to your blog. Forget about grammatical correctness. It’s not absolutely required nor even desired in many cases.

5) Remember that blogging is like speaking in public, emphasis on public. Use common sense. Don’t blog about what should remain private. If it’s something you wouldn’t talk about loudly outside, perhaps in the neighborhood pub or in a restaurant, don’t blog about it.

People often forget the Internet is public — very public. Even if you don’t mention people or events specifically, if you provide enough detail, people are going to figure out what you are talking about. Even anonymous bloggers have to watch out.

Blog writing is critical and most people enjoy it. Forget about the literary nonsense your teachers beat into your head and write like you speak, conversationally. Have fun writing, using slang as appropriate and improve your vocabulary. Do remember the Internet is public, but have fun!

If by any chance you find after giving it a serious try that writing is not for you, you can always use video and audio for your blog content as well.

10 Useful Tips For First Time Bloggers

By | January 14, 2018


Blogs have transformed the entire face of the web. Due to their interactive nature and cost-efficient means, blogs are becoming immensely popular among people of all lifestyles. Many people are now turning their attention to blogs and want to start blogging.

Here are 10 tips to help first time bloggers:

1. A true blog is a collection of all the Uniform Resource Links (URLs) which you want to share or save.

2. Include links of thoughts which you have posted somewhere else. However, it is always better to write posts that are more original rather than linking to other pages. Also, you will need to have a good amount of humbleness to practice this.

3. If you allot some of your time to researching prior to writing a blog post, you will find your idea is put forward in a better manner.

4. Retaining your distinct style of blogging is always good, because it will help your readers get to know you.

5. Good content is the crucial part of any blog. Writing great content depends on the niche you have selected. It is always better to keep it useful, unique, informative and interactive. Updating the content is also important; generally, it is better to update the content and blog, at least, thrice a week.

6. While writing or posting a link, always include some kind of adjectives, such as; great, clever, imaginative and useful, as this will help you to put forward your own reaction to the page you are linking or about the topic you are writing.

7. While writing blog posts, see to it that you format your posts properly. Don’t include multiple page stories, or files that are too heavy. Don’t conceal the main link under the not needed ones or the poorly built links.

8. Now that you know how to write the content for your blog, you must now promote your blog. The best way to promote your blog is by sending them to various blog directories or search engines.

9. Include some authors and celebrities of your choice and add them in your blog through the News feed. This will update your blog with latest happenings and hence readers or followers can follow them through the means of your blog.

10. Add up again your entire favorite links on a regular basis. This is because; people who have missed them for the first time will get to see them.

As a first time blogger, you may lose patience when you do not find appropriate traffic or readers to your blog. However, don’t let this discourage you; the key is to have patience. If you follow the above tips properly, you will definitely be able to blog successfully.

3 Ways to Get Motivated When Blogging

By | January 13, 2018

How do you get motivated when you are blogging? If you operate such a site you already know that maintaining a consistent blog posting schedule alone can be demanding. To compound that challenge a blog master generally works alone without the daily ‘physical’ support or encouragement of others. So the question remains, where do you find the drive to maintain the site on a regular basis, as bloggers what motivates us to continue on?

Here are 3 sources of motivation every blog master can call upon to help them continue maintaining their site without a crowd of people cheering them on.

Voicing Your Opinion

Your blog is a platform upon which you can freely voice your opinions or make suggestions that otherwise may fall upon deaf ears. Remember also that there are people who have an interest in what you say or how you say it. They may not always agree, but they are listening nonetheless! The truth is that like minded people tend to gather around the same blogging sites, therefore you will find many in agreement with your opinions. This is a nice source of encouragement and certainly helps motivate you to continue offering your insights. Who doesn’t like when others are in agreement with your opinions?

Getting Positive Feed Back

Invariably many will leave comments both good and bad about your blog posting. Learning to deal with negative comments is just something every blogger must do while realizing to not take it personal. However when you receive positive feedback, it can be a very uplifting feeling, giving you the sense that your efforts are appreciated. This alone is strong motivation for any blog master! So for those of you who do leave comments like this, thank you! And for those of you who leave negative comments, learn to lie a little bit better and leave nice ones instead!

The End Results of Research

What motivate us as bloggers more than anything else is the passion or genuine interest we have for the subject we write about. With that said there is obviously a strong ‘curiosity’ to learn more about our selected field or subject matter. This of course requires ongoing research to quench not only this curiosity, but also to help supply additional content for the readers as well! When both can be done successfully, it serves as positive reinforcement to go back and do it again.

Learning how to get motivated when blogging is probably the most critical skill to develop for any blog master. There is a lot to do to properly maintain one of these sites and usually nobody to help you do it. Readers count on you maintaining a consistent blog posting schedule while at the same time they also expect quality in what you post. This alone can be time consuming and demanding therefore as bloggers go, what motive us to continue the maintenance of our blogs? As discussed above it is necessary to find the motivation in the work you do and the responses you may receive. With all things considered, likely the single biggest factor involved in the success of any blog master is the passion they have for what they do as mentioned previously!

Become Knowledgeable of How to Fabricate a Nice Blog

By | January 12, 2018

One of the easiest strategies for building upon your blog’s brand and get your audience’s interest is to develop it properly. The purpose of this article is to help you design your blog in such a way that it not only complements your market, but also grabs the attention of your readers.

First, in order to get your viewers attention, you blog will have to have a wonderful logo. This should be the most obvious thing. If your blog does not have a professional logo, it will look like no one visits it and seem unattractive. Yes, you can create one that does not have a logo, but guess what will happen? You blog will not have a leg to stand on in relation to your competitor’s blog that has a logo. A blog needs to have good branding just like any other business. A logo is the place where you begin. It is important that your logo is good as well as top of the line. Go for a design that’s simple to follow, is classy and easily sticks to memory. Remember, your logo is going to be the face of your blog. So ensuring that it is unique will most definitely take you further in the end. If you do not know how to design logos on your own, then spend the money for a professional designer to do it. But, do not forget to do it.

Secondly, don’t make your readers have to explore the search box. A number of bloggers have a preference of having a nifty little search box rather than a sound navigation system, and even those that have a focused navigation system in play might still desire to have the search box there to help their readers locate materials. What does this indicate? You shouldn’t make your readers have to search for your blog’s search bar, it should be effortless to find. Numerous blogs out there have the search box located down in the lower area in the sidebar of the blog, while your aspiration should really be to have it placed above the fold. Wherever you propose to place the search box, just make for certain it’s easy and effortless to discover.

Lastly; take advantage of post graphics and do something nifty and stylish with them. Let’s step up to the challenge; post thumbnails have transformed into an important piece of any blog’s design. It’s surprising how much meaning a photo can drill into a blog post and make it prominent in terms of the design; it buffs up the blog’s presentation. Being imaginative with your posts graphics is one thing that every blogger should be aware of. If you glance around, you’ll come to find that a high number of the blogs that are all the rage are certain to utilize excellent images that have to do with the blog post. You can subscribe to one of the many services that give you access to stockfree photos that you can use without any limitations, because there could be copyright issues if you use any random image that you find online. All in all, this article makes it clear that your blog’s brand is very vital for creating your name and getting you to the highest level. So, what’s holding you back? Start using what you have acquired here and see your blog change.

Blogging If You Are Not A Natural Author

By | January 11, 2018

I typically folks say that they do not wish to start out a blogging business as a result of they are not a natural writer. If you’re feeling this approach please don’t let that small matter put you off in any means, it very isn’t a downside as a result of there are lots of ways that to induce around it. To start with, unless your blog is on an issue which requires lots of technical know how and good grammar, several of your visitors can not care if you’re a natural writer at all. So long as you are ready to induce your purpose across then that’s all that actually matters. Mention in your blog that you’re not a natural writer and everyone can utterly perceive and the nice majority will feel endeared by your honesty. If you do not like writing in the least and you simply cannot bring yourself to take a seat down and begin writing, then the solution could be to outsource all of your blogging posts.

This procedure is a lot of common than you’ll think and it’s just a case of finding someone who is ready to jot down in the style that you simply require. It could take a little training on your half to get it simply right, however when you’re able to that point you’ll sit back and relax whilst your blog posts are being created for you. You then have a alternative of creating the full method entirely automated by giving your author the log in details to your blog, or you could ask to see every script before it gets to that stage. I might advise that you just check the work yourself initial until you’ll be able to be sure that your writer will place out prime quality work on the same basis.

You will be asking where will you discover a author for your blog articles, and to be honest there are a number of decisions open to you. You may attempt one in all the outsourcing sites like elance or scriptlance or maybe get somebody that you know to help you. It’s necessary that whatever route you’re taking, you embarked on a few things before you start. This will embody how abundant you are ready to pay and precisely how much work is needed and when it is needed by. If it is an outsourcer, conform to pay when the duty is complete or if they insist pay fifty% up front as a deposit and the remainder on completion. Create certain that you just let or not it’s known that you may be employing a tool like copyscape to test that the work in unique and you really should not have to several problems.

Once you have got one blog set up in this means and it is making you money you may think about expanding the set up in the identical away and beginning another blog. Whilst that one is creating cash do the identical again. This is the straightforward technique that a lot of highly successful internet marketers use and there’s nothing in the slightest degree stopping you from doing exactly the same. Samantha Milner could be a mother, Net Marketer and therefore the joint owner of her own net marketing business called DSM Publishing. Samantha went full time as an web marketer in 2005 and loves sharing her success and expertise with others.